How To Choose The Best
Festoon Lighting Option For You

“Good lighting is like music, it makes the world a better place.”

Some famous person never said that, I did.

I just love lighting, it’s like it’s own form of artwork… and… good lighting sets the mood and brings your place to life.

Okay then…

With so many Festoon Lighting options on the market and so many different claims, how do you know what’s what?

How To Choose The Right Festoon Lighting
For Your Place So It Looks Stunning?

Come in nice and close because here’s what you’ve got to know…

Festoon lighting can get made using parts ranging from low quality through to high quality.

I’ve found you can’t get the best quality product for the lowest price.

Go try and buy a brand new Mercedes for the price of a Fiat, its not going to happen.

So with that in mind, here’s some smart tips for buying

Festoon Lighting so you get the best lighting for you.

#1 Get Festoon Lighting With
Quality Thick Cable

Here’s why…

The further electricity has to travel the thicker the cable you want.

Because thicker cable decreases the amount of voltage drop you get… which means all the lights along your festoon light string are the same brightness, and they won’t flicker.

You do want even lighting right and no flickering?

Just check out that thick cable on our Festoon Lighting in that photo there.

2 watt LED filament bulb

#2 Get LED Bulbs Over
Incandescent and Halogen Bulbs

Incandescent and Halogen Bulbs burn hot, which means they chew through electricity like a rocket ship blasting off into outer space… and… hot bulbs attract insects.

The last thing you want at your outdoor party or restaurant is, a swarm of insects flying overhead, crawling on your guests’ faces and falling into their drinks because of your lights.

We have a range of LED light bulbs from 1-Watt Bulbs through to 3-Watt Bulbs. These use very little power and give out just the right amount of light so you can set the perfect mood at your place.

And importantly these LED bulbs don’t produce heat.

1 watt LED fireworks bulb

1-watt Fireworks LED Bulbs

2 watt LED fireworks bulb

2-watt Fireworks LED Bulbs

3 watt LED fireworks bulb

3-watt Fireworks LED Bulbs

Now aren’t they something to look at?

You bet they are.


#3 Get Festoon Lighting Where
The Socket Seals Around The Bulb

As you can see in that picture there of our Festoon Lighting the light socket seals around the bulb,which forms a water-tight-seal.

festoon light socket seal

You want this tight-seal so water can’t get in and shorten the life of your bulbs. Or cause any electrical problems for you.

#4 How To Choose The Right Bulbs So You Get
The Right Amount Of Light At Your Place

Festoon lighting is all about setting the mood, and a Warm White bulb works best for that.

A 2200K warm white bulb will put out a nice glow.

Anything above 2200K and it’s more Warm White crossed with Cool White.


Light is measured in lumens not watts. With LED lights 1-watt = 100lms.

Our bulbs start at 1-Watt and go up to 3-Watts. Anything past 300lms in a Festoon Lighting string is going to be very bright, and not so mood setting.

That’s why we have 1-Watt, 2-Watt and 3-Watt bulbs because they give out the best light.

Premium 2W LED Filament Bulbs

2 watts filament bulb

#5 Get A Festoon Lighting String
Built For Tough Conditions

If you’re going to have your Festoon lighting outside make sure the Festoon lighting you get is built to handle tough outdoor weather conditions.

Ours are rated IP44, which means they are built to handle water so you can leave them outdoors permanently if you want.

We’ve had our Festoon lights constructed using commercial grade materials so you get long use out of them outdoors.

Our lights meet Australian Electrical Standards.

Now you’re ready…

If you keep this in mind you’ll get yourself a good set of Festoon lighting just like the stuff you see right here:

All our Festoon lights come with Free shipping within Australia.

Get yours now so you can enjoy stunning lighting at your place.