Outdoor Lighting LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are an excellent option for low cost, energy efficiency and effortless style. LED does not add heat to space, and the bulbs last longer, making them an excellent option for any sized area. LEDs are unique in their technology and can last for over 20,000 hours. Our beautiful vintage-style Edison Lights bring a unique charm to your space and can suit various types of décor or garden aesthetics.

We have three types of LED bulbs available to suit a range of uses:

  • A60 LED Bulbs offer a stylish and classic look with the typical low-cost and low-energy output of LED lighting. A60 bulbs are 2-watt, popular for DIY projects, and suit unique lamps or fixtures with exposed filaments and a clear finish.
  • G45 LED Bulbs are 2-watt and feature a warm white vintage glow that you will love. With the classic low power and high energy efficiency of an LED bulb, the G45 is perfect for pendant lights, caged lights, or clear shades, making them an ideal solution for any space that requires intimacy or comfortable lighting.
  • ST64 LED Bulbs are a teardrop shape, adding height and sophistication to your space. Ideally suited to many garden spaces and entertaining areas, this bulb adds a unique aspect to your lighting and provides a clear 4-filament view and 4-watt voltage, adding a vintage flair and sharp brightness.

Our LED bulbs can dim to 10% of their brightness, which provides gorgeous mood lighting and offers you versatility of use. The bulbs come in an E27 Edison Screw base, ideally suited to most lamps and lighting fixtures. Our bulbs can deliver warm, bright, or white light suited to the versatility of your space. We include a 2-year warranty with each bulb, yet we feel confident that your LED will withstand the test of time and Australian weather. Built for Australian conditions and with your outdoor space in mind, our selection of LED bulbs is the perfect choice for your next outdoor lighting installation.

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