FREE Custom Lighting Plan

If you’re looking for a festoon lighting, garden lighting, or a deck lighting plan, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because, I’m going to design your lighting layout for you, or I can run my eye over your current plan.

And yes…

You’re in good hands, because I’ve done hundreds of lighting plans, install lighting, and I study lighting design and layout. 

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Why Get A Free Custom Lighting Plan?

  • Maybe you’re unsure of the best layout for your lights. (The layout is important because the lights should compliment and enhance the style and character of your outdoor area, not destroy it.)
  • Maybe you’re unsure what lights to use in your outdoor area so the lights don’t feel intense and overbearing. (A beautiful outdoor area with the wrong lighting looks like a sleep deprived 4-year-old went on a rampage.) 
  • And maybe you’re unsure what parts you’ll need to get the job done easily. (I’ll make it super-easy for you.)
  • Suppose you’ve already worked out your light placement and want me to run my eye over it and share any feedback and ideas. I can do that for you.
Garden Light Plan 2

I Understand You Want A Beautiful Outdoor Entertaining Area To Relax And Enjoy Great Times With Family And Friends

Ben FordeI’m here to help you get it right the first time.

Over the past ten years, I’ve helped hundreds of customers with their festoon lighting, garden lighting, and deck lighting design, plan, and everything they needed to light their beautiful outdoor area.

And I’ve saved many customers from making costly lighting mistakes most make regarding outdoor lighting and design.

This custom lighting plan is usually $80 because of the time it personally takes me to plan and do each one. However, you can get a custom lighting plan for a limited time for free.

Here’s How You Access Your
Free Custom Lighting Plan

In a moment you’ll fill out the form just below, add attachments, and let me the following.

  1. Send through a rough drawing, building plans, or photos of your outdoor area, garden, or deck.
  2. Show the measurements of the area you want to light.
  3. Make sure you tell me what type of lighting you want: festoon lights, garden lights, deck, or fairy lights.
  4. Mark where the power point is on your drawing and the distance from the power to the start of your lights.


When I get your submission, I’ll confirm I got it and let you know you’ve qualified for a free custom lighting plan. You can expect to get your custom lighting plan back within 24 hours.

Outdoor Lighting Isn’t Something You Just Throw Together, There’s An Art And Design To It…

Fill out that form below and let’s make your outdoor area stunning…

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