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24 Volt Festoon Lights

Festoon Low Voltage G45
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900mm Festoon Lights

900mm Socket Spacing
Starting from $315.00
Festoon Low Voltage G45
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500mm Festoon Lights

500mm Socket Spacing
Starting from $400.00
Festoon Low Voltage G45
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900mm Hanging Sockets Festoon Lights

900mm Socket Spacing
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240 Volt Festoon Lights

Festoon lights 240v
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900mm Festoon Lights

900mm Socket Spacing
Starting from $320.00
Festoon lights 240v
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500mm Festoon Lights

500mm Socket Spacing
Starting from $400.00
Festoon lights 240v
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900mm Hanging Sockets Festoon Lights

900mm Socket Spacing
Starting from $320.00

24 volt vs 240 volt Festoon Lights.
What’s the difference?

24v Low Voltage Festoon Lights
Safe low voltage
Shatterproof LED bulbs
Dimmable – we set the dimmer up for you before it’s shipped out
Requires a 24V transformer to plug directly into power point
Gives you total peace of mind in residential and commercial settings
240v Festoon Lights
Glass bulbs
Dimmable – requires licensed electrician to install
Plugs directly into power point without transformer
In the unlikely event glass breaks it can cause danger
24V vs 240V bulbs illustration

Here’s What Makes Us
Different To Everyone Else

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You get a FREE custom lighting plan. We’ll make your ideas become reality.

Send us a photo of your outdoor area. We’ll study it and work out the best light layout. We’ll then send you all of the info for free. We show you exactly what you need to get the lighting done.

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Our warranties are years longer than everyone else.

We offer a 5 Year Warranty on all festoon cables and a 2 Year Warranty on all light bulbs. That way, you know you’re covered for years to come!

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You get FREE access to a lighting specialist. Even before you buy!

Still don’t know where to start? Our lighting specialist Ben who’s done over 376 installations will answer all your questions and help you make an educated buying decision. Call Ben on 1300 463 735.

Still confused and don’t know where to start?

Here is a collection of the most popular guides that have helped our customers create a stunning outdoor space.

Cheap vs Quality Festoon Lights

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the hundreds of different lighting option’s available to you.

Festoon Lights Hanging Guide

If you're going to leave your festoon lights outside permanently...

5 Biggest Festoon Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Here’s How You Can Avoid Them…

How To Choose The Right Bulbs

If you want beautiful ambient lighting for your outdoor area, then it’s critical you get the right bulbs.

Festoon Lights v’s Fairy Lights

Festoon and fairy lights are two different types of lighting, each creating a unique lighting effect.

Free Custom Lighting Plan

Whether you’re looking for a deck or festoon lighting plan, you’ve come to the right place.

Festoon Lights FAQs

How to create an outdoor oasis?

The key ingredient to creating an outdoor oasis with festoon lighting is the colour of the light. You want a warm, light colour. You won't get that beautiful ambient look if it's not a beautiful, warm white colour.

Led lights help create a beautiful oasis because they last longer and don't produce heat light other bulbs.

How to hang festoon lights, or say, string lights?

There are many ways you can hang outdoor string lights for decoration.

  1. With A Cable Wire: Watch the video above on this page; it shows you how to hang outdoor festoon lights using a wire cable.
  2. Hung With A Droop: If you don't want to use a wire cable and you'd like your festoon cable to have a bit of a droop and your spans are under 10m. You attach your festoon cable at two points and have a droop.

Please check our guide on how to hang festoon lights to learn more.

What's better fairy lights or festoon lights?

They are two very different types of lights.

  1. Festoon lights give off more light and can use light bulbs of all different shapes and sizes.
  2. Fairy lights have much smaller lights and don't give off as much light. You can wrap fairy lights around trees, poles, and other things.

Which one is better?

It comes down to what you want to light and what look you're going for. If you want a stylish, sophisticated, always-in-fashion look, then hanging festoon cables with LED lights is the way to go.

How to troubleshoot?

If you're having issues with your outdoor festoon lights, what issues are you having?

  • Bulbs keep going out
  • Bulbs won't come on
  • None of the bulbs is working
  • Don't know how to hang the lights
  • The lights are too bright

If you have bought our lights get in touch for my service and I'll help you work it out.

How to store?

If you have glass globes (bulbs), you will have to take those out and put them back in their original packaging. This will stop them from breaking.

If you have our shatter-proof 24V low voltage globes, you can leave them in the outdoor festoon lights, wrap the cable up, and store it in a big plastic tub.

The easiest way to store festoon lights is in a plastic tube with a lid or in a carton. Make sure there's no moisture on the lights when you store them.

How to choose the right festoon lights for your event?

If you've read all of this page, we've walked through exactly how you can choose the right festoon lighting for your event. If you'd like help and want to take a look at the area you want light, call or email me and I'll work out which is the best lighting design for your special event.

Which is the best festoon light for high-wind areas?

Buy festoon lights that are shatterproof 24v low voltage bulbs because they never break and handle all harsh weather conditions. And the low voltage is great for Residential applications and commercial applications, and big outdoor events

How to create different looks?

If you'd love to create a different look in your outdoor area, let's chat so I can share a few advice with you. Because I can custom-make lighting for your outdoor area.

Request A FREE Customised Outdoor Lighting Plan

Over the last five years, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners and businesses. Sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to find the best light spacing, colour and what you’ll need for your deck to get the lighting effect you want.

To help you out, here’s what we have done. We have a customised lighting service, which is usually $80, but for a limited time, it's FREE.

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