Premium Quality Outdoor String Lights

Instantly Enhances The Appeal, Charm And Beauty Of Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

If you’re looking for beautiful outdoor lights for your garden or outdoor entertaining area, or you need beautiful lighting for commercial applications, string lights might be for you.

For starters, string lights are easy to hang, are weather-proof rated, and you can quickly and easily cover large areas with the string lights.

Our String Lights or festoon lights come in 2 different lengths. However, the cables are designed so you can join them together. If you wanted 40m of lighting, you’d join 2 x 20m cables together.

This is easy because each string has a waterproof joiner built into the cable. You simply push the cables together and do up the thread for a water-tight seal.

How To Choose A String Lighting System 
For Your Place

We stock two types of string or festoon light systems: 240V and 24V Low Voltage outdoor lights.

What’s the difference between the two systems? The 240V plugs straight into your power point and runs off 240V power. All of the 240V bulbs are LED Filament glass bulbs.

With the 24V low voltage system, a water-proof rated transformer steps the power down to 24V. All the bulbs with our 24V string or festoon lights system are LED filaments, which are shatter-proof. They are made from tough clear PVC. They look like the 240V bulbs but are clear PVC, not glass.

In outdoor environments, the low-voltage lights are super-safe and easy to work with, and the bulbs are shatter-proof.

What Are The Best Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor lighting is about mood lighting. Look for a bulb that is a warm white 2200K because this gives you a beautiful warm white ambient glow in your outdoor area. The thing to always keep in mind is night-time lighting shouldn’t be super-bright, intense and in your face.

Softer lighting in your outdoor area and garden is the best. And a warm white light gives you a beautiful nighttime look.

All our bulbs give you a beautiful vintage outdoor string light look. The filaments in the LED bulbs give off a beautiful ambient glow of an evening.

How Do You Hang Outdoor String Lights?

There are a few ways you can hang your string lights. Here’s what you need to consider.

How long are the spans?

Are you going to leave the lights up permanently?

If the spans are 4m+, I recommend using a support wire. This way, your lights have many points of contact, and in the event of a big storm or wild weather, they won’t come crashing down.

We have hanging kits comprising a 1.6mm wire cable, turnbuckle, eye screws, wall plugs, and a quick link joiner. If you’ll leave your lights up permanently, this is a great kit because it’s easy to use, and your lights look tidy.

If your spans of string lights are under 4m, then you could use an eye screw to attach to the string lights and hold them in place.

Are Outdoor String Lights Waterproof?

Yes, if you get the right ones. Our lights are IP44 Water-Proof rated so you can leave them in full weather. When you screw the bulb into the socket, the outer part of the socket seals around the light bulb, creating a waterproof seal.

This is what you want to look for:

  • Weather-proof rated lights
  • Commercial-grade string lights
  • Warm white 2200K bulbs in your string
  • Dimmable string lights
  • Cables with built-in weather-proof joiners so you can join lengths together if needed.

The difference between high-quality string lights and cheaply made lights is huge. The cheap ones cost you more in the long run because you may have to replace them yearly. And a lot of the cheap lights outdoors aren’t safe.

The best outdoor lights are the ones that make your outdoor area beautiful on an evening and give you very little to no issues at all. The right string lights outdoors make your outdoor area so much more enjoyable. And when you get the beautiful warm white 2200K, your outdoor area looks new.

With high-quality commercial-grade outdoor lighting, you get very few issues. And purpose-built outdoor lighting that’s rated as outdoor lighting saves you from many hassles. We have been supplying outdoor lighting to customers since 2012, and our outdoor lighting is used worldwide.

Why You Want Dimmable LED Bulbs 
In Your String Lights

Festoon lighting is all about setting the mood, and a Warm White bulb works best for that.

A 2200K warm white bulb will put out a nice glow.

Anything above 2200K and it’s more Warm White crossed with Cool White.


Light is measured in lumens, not watts. With LED lights 1-watt = 100lms.

Our bulbs start at 1 watts and go up to 3 watts. Anything past 300lms in a Festoon Lighting string is going to be very bright, and not so mood-setting.

That’s why we have 1-Watt, 2-Watt and 3-Watt bulbs because they give out the best light.

The 240V LED Bulbs

There are three styles of 240V LED bulbs to choose from.

2 Watt Dimmable light bulb
2-Watt Dimmable LED Filament Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size G45 – Size of a golf ball / 200 lmns 
/ Made from Glass
2 Watt Dimmable LED Filament Light bulb
2-Watt Dimmable LED Filament Bulb For Outdoor Use Warm White 2100K
Size A60 – Size of your normal old school halogen globes / 200 lmns / Made from Glass
4 Watt Dimmable LED Filament Bulb
4-Watt Dimmable LED Filament Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size ST64 – Modeled on an Edison Vintage bulb
/ 285lmns / Made from Glass

The 24V Low Voltage LED Bulbs

There are three styles of 240V LED bulbs to choose from.

Dimmable 6-Head LED Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size G45 / 70lmns / Made from Shatter-Proof PVC
Dimmable LED Filament Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size G45 / 2 Watt / 120lmns / Made from Shatter-Proof PVC
Dimmable LED Filament Bulb Warm White 2200K
Size ST64 / 4 Watt / 230lmns / Made from Shatter-Proof PVC
Dimmable Coloured LED Bulbs
Size: G45 / 1Watt / Made from Shatter-Proof PVC

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