10 Type Of Events Where Festoon Lighting Works Perfectly

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Regarding event lighting, nothing comes close to the stunning effect of festoon lights on an area.

So let's look at some events you can use festoon lighting for…

Backyard Parties

Festoon Hire

Everyone loves a backyard party. Great friends, great food, and cold drinks were enjoyed under festoon party lights. If you don't want to purchase festoon lights, you can hire festoon lights for your backyard party lighting.

The great thing about festoon lights is they are easy to install, look stunning, and create an inviting, warm, fun vibe.

Beer Garden

people in outdoor bar area under festoon lights

Add life to a dull area with outdoor led festoon lights.

Here are a few solid tips for lighting any commercial space…

  • Get low-voltage festoon lights
  • Get IP65 waterproof-rated lights
  • Get shatterproof bulbs
  • Get warm white 2200K
  • And make sure you get dimmable festoon lights

Pool Parties

festoon lights above the pool

Party those hot summer nights away under LED festoon lights over your pool area. And the great thing is IP65 waterproof-rated outdoor festoon lights are perfect for permanent installations.

The extra glow for the party lighting will leave a lasting impression on your guest.


Wedding event dinner

It's not a wedding without beautiful decorative lighting. The best venue with the best view looks horrible at night if you've got poor lighting.

Here's what's important to know about lighting a wedding:

  • Get bulbs that are Warm White 2200K because they create a beautiful warm white glow, ambient and inviting glow
  • Low voltage is a safe option
  • Get shatterproof bulbs

Read our ultimate festoon lighting guide for weddings.

Engagement Parties

wine glasses stacked on top of another

Before you call your parents to tell them you're getting married, get the festoon lights sorted for your party.

To look glamorous in every photo, ensure the festoon bulbs are LED lights and warm white 2200K.

You can look at light hire or purchase festoon lights for your party. Once your lights are sorted, call your parents and tell them you're getting married.

Commercial Festoon Lights

festoon lights hinging in outdoor trees on side of walkway

In almost any commercial setting, festoon lights can create beautiful lighting and bring your commercial space to life for an evening.

98.8% of our commercial customers use low-voltage festoon lights with shatterproof bulbs

Low-voltage festoon lights can be set up with a dimmer

IP65 waterproof-rated festoon lights give you decorative lighting that lasts in harsh outdoor conditions

Large-Scale Events In Marquees

marquee lighting

Festoon lights can be used for special events in marquees of any size. You don't need any other lights because the festoon lighting gives you all the lighting you need.

Festoon cables can join together for long runs. With our low-voltage festoon lights, you can join up to 100m in one run.

You could use light hire or purchase festoon lighting for big events if you want to use it regularly.

Create Unique Feature Spaces

festoon lights lighted up beautifully on the wall

Maybe you've got an event and where your event will be held. There's a massive chunk of blank wall. Here's a great idea. Turn dull spaces into beautiful feature walls.

Hang the festoon lighting down the wall and create a stunning visual delight.

Pop Up Stores

pop-up store with chairs

Make your pop-up store stand out. Light it up with festoon lighting. Even if you're store is only open for a day time. People see festoon lights from a mile away. Light it up and create a buzz.

Photo Backdrop

photo backdrop with festoon lights on the wall

If you've got an office party, or you need a backdrop to take photos of models.

Find a wall, hang some festoon lighting, and now you've created a great backdrop for a billion photos to be taken.

Festoon lighting can be used for any occasion, from street festivals to private parties. Contact us if you need help choosing festoon lights or a custom lighting plan for your upcoming event.

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