Discover the Difference: Cheap vs. Quality Festoon Lights

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of festoon lighting options out there? You're not alone. With so many sellers claiming to offer the "highest quality" festoon lights, it's hard to know which ones to choose. Here are a few things to consider so you can make your own mind up confidently when you're ready to purchase, rather than be led down the dark path. 

Quality That Lasts

If you're like most of our customers, you want beautiful outdoor lighting that will stand the test of time. But how can you distinguish between cheap and high-quality festoon lights? Let's break it down.

Cheap vs Quality Festoon Lights: It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the hundreds of different festoon lighting options available to you. And to make your choice even harder, all these places selling festoon lights say… “We got the highest quality and best festoon lights.”

Cheap Imitations Abound

Many festoon lights on the market are cheap imitations made with low-quality parts, components, and flimsy cables to cut costs. Unfortunately, these shortcuts often result in lights that can't handle harsh weather conditions and fail quickly.

Moreover, some festoon lights emit harsh, bright light or an unattractive cool white colour, failing to create the inviting atmosphere you desire.

Can a cheaper price really be the highest quality as well?  

If you’re anything like our customers, you want to buy beautiful lighting in your outdoor area, and you want that beautiful lighting to last you a very, very long time. What is expensive? Sometimes, expensive is better value for money.

So how do you spot the differences between cheap and high-quality festoon lights? 

Let’s take a look…

These cheap imitator festoon lights are made from cheap parts, cheap components, and small gauge cable. They make them this way to keep costs down. 

The Problem is… 

The cheaper parts, components, and tiny gauge cable aren’t made to last, and can’t handle the harsh Australian weather conditions. So the lights fail fast. What’s more, most festoon lights sold don’t create beautiful lighting because the bulbs are too bright. Or, they put out a horrible, almost cool white light colour. 

And here’s what else…

Plenty of places selling festoon lights often say. “They have the best festoon lights and the highest quality.” But get this, they only offer a 12-month warranty. Some retailers even change the warranty period to 6-months for commercial customers. 

Warranty Matters

Be wary of sellers claiming to have the best festoon lights while only offering a meager 12-month warranty, or even less for commercial customers. We stand by our products with a class-leading 5-Year Warranty on our festoon cables and a 2-Year warranty on our bulbs.

Cheap Festoon Lights

High Quality Festoon Lights

12-Month Warranty5-Year Festoon Cable Warranty 
12-Month Bulb Warranty 2-Year Bulb Warranty 
IP44 Waterproof Rated IP65 Waterproof Rated 
Warm White 2700K 3000K Warm White 2200K 
0.75mm2, or 1.00mm2 Copper Wires 1.5mm2 Copper Wires
Can only do short runs of lighting Can run up to 120m of lighting in one run 
Can’t Dim Bulbs Dimmable Bulbs
0.5Watt bulbs gives weak low lighting barely enough light to see 1.2Watt, 2.4Watt bulbs gives you beautiful lighting you can control with a dimmer 
Standard of the shelf lighting no testing inreal world conditions Tested, designed, and engineered for long-term commercial & residential use 
Sold by companies who aren’t hands on in the field with the product. They don’t study lighting design and layoutSold by company who is hands on with the product. Installs. Studies lighting design and layout, helps you with your lighting plan 
Bulbs have tiny little led-heads which looks tacky in a lot of outdoor areas Stylish LED filament bulbs, give character old-school charm, and beauty to the festoon lighting  
Say they have the best lights and only offer a 12-month warranty  Gives You A 5-Year Festoon Cable Warranty and 2-Year Bulb Warranty 
Good for occasional use Engineered for daily long-term use in obnoxiously nasty weather conditions 
Apply sunscreen or use indoors UV Resistant Cable 

One Grade Fits All

Why complicate things with different grades of festoon lighting? We offer only one grade: commercial high-grade festoon lighting, suitable for both residential and commercial use. Our lights are designed, tested, and engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions while providing enduring, beautiful lighting year after year.

It makes no sense to me to offer a cheaper low grade, lower quality lighting system to residential customers. Why should residential customers get an inferior product? They shouldn’t. 

Residential customers demand their lighting last for a very, very, long time. 

The sun, weather, and all the other elements are the same in a backyard as they are in a commercial setting.

We only offer you one grade of festoon lighting. Commercial high-grade festoon lighting. 

Our festoon lights are made for commercial and residential use. 

Both commercial and residential customers get the same high-grade commercial festoon lighting that’s been: 

  • carefully designed, 
  • tested in real world settings, 
  • then engineered to last in ugly weather conditions. 

And what you get is beautiful lighting, year in year out, from a tough yet beautiful festoon lighting system.  

festoon lights in a canopy style

Choosing the Right Light Colour

The colour of your festoon lights is crucial to creating the perfect outdoor ambiance. Opt for Warm White 2200K lights for an inviting, stylish, and relaxed atmosphere. Avoid the blunders of using overly bright 2700K lights, which can ruin your outdoor area's look and feel.

I got busy. I got educated on lighting. I worked with lighting designers. I studied lighting design and layout. This education process taught me many things and it rammed home to me, how the wrong light colour instantly destroys the look and feel of an outdoor area. 

Over the years in the hundreds of settings I’ve seen my festoon lights in, Warm White 2200K is without a creates beautiful outdoor areas people love and enjoy.  

What Sets Us Apart?

You may wonder what makes our festoon lights stand out from the rest. While many claim to have top-quality products, our class-leading 5-Year Warranty on festoon cables and 2-Year warranty on bulbs are unmatched.

Our hands-on approach, gained through years of installation experience, has allowed us to identify and rectify product flaws, improve parts and manufacturing processes, and understand the importance of light colour in creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

Our festoon cable has a Class leading 5-Year Warranty and our festoon bulbs 2-Years.

I don't just sell festoon lights, I install my lighting for customers as well. And getting hands-on has been a total game changer. 

How so?

  • Over the years, this hands-on approach and seeing the lights in action in real world situations, has helped identify what needed to be improved, to make our lighting better.  
  • Helped spot product flaws that could cause great issues if not fixed. From these discoveries, parts and manufacturing processes have been improved and re-engineered to create a superior lighting product. 
  • We’ve realised how the colour of the light either makes an outdoor area beautiful, or makes an outdoor area ugly.  
  • We’ve discovered what it really takes to create beautiful lighting for customers.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Don't be fooled by companies selling festoon lights with design flaws and weaknesses we identified and improved years ago. Many of these companies lack an understanding of light colour, lighting design and layout, potentially leading to sterile, characterless outdoor areas.

Many companies selling festoon lights don’t understand light colour, lighting design and layout. They have no interest at all in studying it. 

Why’s this a problem for you?

Because if the company doesn’t understand light colour, lighting design, and layout, chances are you’ll end up with a sterile, no charm, no character, ugly outdoor area. 

And I’m sure you don’t want that do you?

We make it easy for you to call us and speak with a lighting expert. Try calling one of those big corporations. You’ll sit on the phone for ages, then whoever you speak to probably knows little to nothing about the product. 

We're Here to Help

When you reach out to us, you'll speak to a lighting expert who can provide the guidance you need. Unlike big corporations, we're dedicated to enhancing your outdoor space's unique style and character through seamless, non-intrusive lighting.

Your outdoor area has a style and character that’s unique to it… and great lighting seamlessly flows into this existing style and character and enhances it. The lighting should never feel abrasive, too much, or offensive on the eye. 

Say goodbye to uninspiring outdoor areas and hello to memorable moments with family and friends. Contact us today via phone or email, and let us help you create the outdoor space you'll love and enjoy for years to come.

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