5 Festoon Lighting Mistakes Most People Make

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Here’s How You Can Avoid Them…

1. If the lighting is too bright your outdoor area has zero mood, ambience and appeal.

Festoon lighting is mood lighting. Not spotlighting. You want dimmable bulbs so you get the perfect amount of light for your place.

2. Don’t Choose Ugly Bulbs

Ugly bulbs devalue the appeal of your lighting. People love looking at beautiful bulbs.

3. They Get Cheap Lighting

It’s cheap because it’s made with cheap inferior parts, and you’ll probably have to replace it within12 months. This creates more rubbish for the environment.

4. They Use Halogen or Incandescent Bulbs

Believing it saves money, they get Halogen or incandescent bulbs instead of LED. Halogen and incandescent bulbs burn hot, this attracts insects, and these bulbs use high power which cost you money.

5. Wrong Colour Light

Sterile light destroys the look of your outdoor area. A warm white, 2000K-2200K gives you this beautiful ambient light and creates the perfect look and feel for your outdoor area.

Festoon lights strung over an outdoor table

Beautiful festoon lighting brings an outdoor entertaining area to life of an evening…

The whole idea behind Fusion Lighting is… beautiful, high-quality, made to last lighting that makes your outdoor entertaining area beautiful.

And I back that up with expert help, advice, and great customer services.

From residential customers to commercial customers our lighting is used and trusted across Australia.

Festoon lights hung up in a laneway

Festoon Lighting Makes Your Outdoor Area Beautiful, Appealing and Fun Of An Evening

Our Festoon lights are easy to hang and you can leave them outside
permanently because they are water-proof rated and UV-resistant.

You can join Festoon lengths together for longer runs, simply push together and do up the thread for a water-proof seal.

Choose from 2 Different Festoon Lighting Systems 240V and 24V Low Voltage

The 240V Festoon lighting has beautiful LED glass bulbs

The 24V low voltage festoon lighting has beautiful Shatter-Proof LED bulbs made from a tough, clear PVC.

Which Is The Best Festoon Lighting System For You… 240V or 24V?

Both the 240V and 24V bulbs put out a beautiful warm white ambient glow. And the bulbs look very similar.

In fact, most people couldn’t tell the difference between the 240V and 24V LED bulbs.

When purchasing your festoon lights here’s a few things you’ll want to consider…

  • What type of area are you putting the Festoon lights into?
  • Is it a public space or residential environment?
  • Are you going to leave them up permanently?

Some folks love glass and that’s what they want. Where others love the idea of the Shatter-Poof low voltage bulbs.

If you need help and advice for your outdoor area email me or call 1300 463 735.

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