10 Ways To Use Festoon Lights In Outdoor Areas

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Suppose you're looking for exciting ways to use festoon lights outdoors and brighten your backyard or outdoor entertaining area. You're in the right place if you need festoon lighting ideas for outdoor spaces.

Let's take a look…

Turn A Wall Into A Feature With Festoon Lights

festoon lights lighted up beautifully on the wall

If you've got a large chunk of wall, you've looked at it and thought. "What could I do to make that bland chunk of the wall look better?"

Here's what you can do:

  • Hang festoon lights straight down the wall
  • Or you can zig-zag the festoon lighting
  • Create your unique patterns down the wall

Use As Party Lights

Lights for Events

If you want to create a party atmosphere people love, buy Festoon lights and get them up.

  • Festoon lights create a beautiful party setting
  • You won't need any other lights
  • Low-voltage festoon lights are safe and easy to install
  • Warm white 2200K is the best light colour

Use Outdoor Festoon Lights To Light Up Walkways

Festoon lights are great for commercial applications. You can light up hundreds of meters easily with string lights.

For commercial applications, look for…

  • 24V Low voltage
  • Shatterproof pvc bulbs
  • IP65 Made for harsh weather conditions
  • You can light large areas quickly with connectable festoon cables
  • Our 1.2Watt LED bulbs give off plenty of light, and you can dim them

Use Festoon Lighting To Light Large Marquees

marquee lighting

Outdoor festoon lights are perfect for lighting large and small marquees.

  • From residential applications to commercial applications, festoon lights create beautiful lighting in marquees
  • Low-voltage festoon lights are the best with shatterproof bulbs
  • You can join cables together for runs up to 100m
  • Make sure you can dim your lights

Light You Garden

Outdoor Area You Love

You can get more use from your outdoor area by lighting up your garden. The lights can get hung off poles or attached to your fence.

A garden lit up for an evening looks beautiful.

Check out this post for more garden lighting ideas.

Light Up Your Balcony

lighting balcony with festoon lights

If your balcony is narrow and short, there is no need to get hyper-fancy with the lighting design. A run of festoon lighting straight down the balcony looks beautiful.

  • Make sure to set your festoon lighting up with a dimmer
  • Get warm white 2200K bulbs (led lights)
  • The best festoon is IP65 Waterproof Rated, that's the gold standard
  • Shatterproof pvc bulbs are a safe option

Backyard Festoon Lights

backyard festoon lighting

Festoon lighting makes it easy to create a beautiful setting in your backyard you can use for entertaining family and guests.

  • String lights over couches
  • Set up your music
  • Get some friends over and kick back and relax into the evening under stunning lights

Use A Tree As A Feature

festoon lights hanged in a tree

Festoon lighting anchored to a tree creates a stunning lighting effect because trees look beautiful lit up on an evening.

  • The lights can fan out from the tree
  • The lights can run back to a point multiple points on the house and get attached
  • Best to use a wire cable or rope to attach the festoon lighting to
  • Put the wire cable or rope through a piece of garden hose to protect the tree
  • Low-voltage lights are a safe option and the best option to use in trees

Festoon Lighting Over A Pool

festoon lights above the pool

Create a glamorous new look for your pool area with lights over the pool.

  • Only use low-voltage festoon light over your pool
  • Only use shatterproof LED bulbs
  • Set your lights up with a dimmer so you can control the light level

Lights For BBQ

24V A60 bulbs used with a remote control dimmer

If you need some lights for your BBQ, buy festoon lights. They are easy to install and give you all the light you need to cook up a feed.

Brighten Up A Garden Wall

festoon lights hanging on garden wall

Here's an idea if your garden goes right up to a wall.

  • Use festoon droppers to drop the bulbs down lower
  • The first bulb and last bulb can be at different heights
  • Use low-voltage lights
  • Use shatterproof bulbs
  • You could also use fairy lights down a wall

Get Help Lighting Your Outdoor Area

If you'd like some help working out the best way to light your outdoor area with festoon lights, contact us, and we'll help you out.

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