LED Deck Lights

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Deck Light Accessories
90 Day Returns & 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Australian Weather Proof
Premium Materials Long Life Guarantee


Premium Commercial Grade Deck Lighting

Puts Out Beautiful Light.
Comes With Free Shipping 2-Year Warranty.
High-Quality Lights Made To Last.

LED Deck Lighting… DIY And Easy To Install…

Beautiful Ambient Deck Lighting
Puts The Finishing Touch On Your Deck

Deck lights

If you want to get even more enjoyment from your deck and entertaining area, then you’re in the right place.

Here’s why…

The lights you put in your deck will make either make your outdoor area beautiful, relaxing, and inviting for an evening. Or make it look horrible.

The good news is…

I’ve helped hundreds of customers get the beautiful lighting effect they wanted for their deck, now it’s your turn.

3 Need To Knows About
Lighting Your Deck…

#1 You Don’t Need Super Bright Lights

If the lights are too bright they’ll shine in your eyes and blind you. Night-time lighting in outdoor areas isn’t about super-bright lights. At 0.6watts and 40lms, our lights give just the right amount of light so your area looks beautiful.

#2 How To Space Your Lights:

You’re not trying to land a plane on a runway strip. And you don’t want your lights to look clustered. Spacings from 1.2m+, even up to 2m works great and gives you a beautiful look.

#3 It’s Mood Lighting Not Vegas Lighting:

You’re not lighting the outside of a Vegas casino so everyone can see it. You want to sit in your deck area and feel relaxed and calm. With the right spacings and not super-bright lights you will feel relaxed and calm.

What Colour Lights
Should I Put In My Deck?


Here’s what I ask customers. What’s near your deck? Trees, plants, walls, houses, fences, the dog house?

And how do you want the area to make you feel?

Here’s why this matters for you… because of the light colour effects and impacts the area around it.

Do you want a relaxing, ambient vibe? Or something that looks and feels a little sharper and crisp?

Relaxing Ambient Feel: Warm White and Blue

Looks and Feels A Little Sharper and Crisp: Cool White

At the end of the day, colour is a personal choice. Warm White and Blue are popular. I can only share with you what hundreds of customers love.

With our Deck Lights, you’ll get the beautiful outdoor area you want.

Constructed Using Premium Components And Part’s Rust-Proof, Marine Grade Aluminium, Water-Proof

Our deck lights are made using premium high-grade materials and components, so they last for years in harsh outdoor conditions.

These aren’t cheaply made lights you throw away in 12 months. They are of high quality, built-to-last, and perform deck lights.

Constructed with Heavy Duty yet flexible cable… because the further electricity has to flow, the thicker the cable must be.

The thicker cable ensures all of your lights stay equal brightness right along the line. So you avoid voltage drop.

Easy To Install Built To Last
And Puts Out Beautiful Light

  • Beautiful Light
    Lighting has a direct impact on your outdoor entertaining area for setting the mood and look. These lights set the mood… bright enough without being offensive.
  • Highly Versatile
    With 1-meter deck light tails, you get the exact spacing you want. Unlike deck lights with 30cm or 50cm tails that can restrict deck light spacing or leave you short on cable. 1m tails allow light spacing of 0m -1.9m apart when using every portal on the 10m main power cable.
  • 100% DIY Quick-Connect System
    Because it’s the low voltage you don’t need an electrician and there is no cutting or splicing… simply push the Quick-Connect joiners together and do up the thread for a water-tight seal.
  • IP67 Water Proof Rated
    You can hose down your deck… or your deck can get exposed to constant heavy rain… it’s not a problem because these lights are IP67 waterproof rated.
  • Safe Low Voltage 12V
    Because it’s 12-Volt lighting it’s safe, easy to use, energy-saving and you don’t need to pay an electrician to install.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Each light only uses 0.6watts of power… you could run them 24/7 and use very little power.
  • Built To Perform And Built To Last
    These aren’t cheaply made a throwaway in 12 months. Many companies keep costs down by using cheap parts and components. Cheap ends up costing you more. Made using premium high-quality components and parts, designed for harsh outdoor conditions they’ll last you for years.
  • Marine Grade Aluminium Faces
    No one likes rust on their light fittings because it corrodes and it is unsightly. Marine Grade Aluminium faces means… you don’t spend your spare time scrubbing off the rust.
  • Stylish Design & Look
    We want your deck to look great in the evening and the daytime. Unlike cheap, tinny-metal used in some deck light faces these lights have a high-quality look and sleek stylish finish to match your deck.
  • 2 Year Warranty
    You get a 2-year warranty for total peace of mind.
  • Equal Light Brightness
    Thin cable causes problems… like voltage drop which decreases light brightness. Because of the high-grade heavy-duty cable and wiring, we use all lights are equal brightness. You can run up to 40m of lights in one run and all the lights are the same brightness.
  • Enjoy Great Times
    These stylish high-quality deck lights make your outdoor entertaining area beautiful, fun, and even more enjoyable. Enjoy a glass of wine with family and friends… or simply relax and unwind on your beautiful deck.

Here’s What You Get In Each Deck Light Kit


35mm & 45mm Deck Lights
55mm Deck LightDeck light drill
  • 10 x LED Deck Lights with 1m tail on each light. IP67 Water Proof Rated
  • 1 x 10m main power cable with connection portals every 1m to plug deck light cable into.
  • 1 x 12V 10Va IP64 Water Proof Rated transformer plugs directly into a power point.
  • Plus FREE Bonus Spade Drill Bit valued at $16.95

If You Have More Than 10 Meters To Cover Or You Want To Run More Than 10 Lights…

That’s easy to do.

Our kits are super-versatile which means you can get any combination of lights you want.

The 10m main cables easily join together with special water-proof cable connectors we have. (As shown in the video above.)

You can run up to 40 meters of cable joined together in one run. This means… one Transformer is used to run 40 LED Deck Lights.

Please Note: The standard 10Va transformer that comes with the kit is not big enough to run the lights once you go over 14 lights on one system.

To run over 14 lights on the one system, you’ll need a 60-Watt transformer. (Click on the choose extra deck light parts at top of pg.)

How To Work Out What You’ll Need
For Your Deck In 4 Easy Steps

Step #1

What Distance Do You Need To Cover? Because That’ll Decide How Many 10m Main Power Cables You Need

  • Just measure the total distance you want to cover, if where you want to start your lights is say 5m away from the power point make sure you include that distance too. You need the total distance from the very start to finish. (From Power Point)
  • Let’s say all up you need 25m of cable, then you’ll get 3 x 10m cables.

Step #2

How Many Lights Should You Put In Your Deck? And What’s The Best Spacing For Lights?

  • There is no perfect spacing because you might have posts and other things you’ve got to work with.
  • Here’s A Tip: If you space the lights 1m apart then it can look a little like a runway strip. So make it greater than 1m.
  • 1.2m is great, and up from there. But hey, it’s your deck.

Step #3

Choosing The Best Light Colour For Your Place. The Colours We Have Are Warm White, Cool White, Blue And RGB

  • Warm white is your warm yellow colour, it’s nice and soft light. It’s like your traditional halogen light bulb colour.
  • Cool White is a brighter crisp daylight white, perfect if you want more light and a clean white.
  • RGB is for people who want to change colours and maybe party hard into the night. You get a remote that you can make the lights change colour, flash, fade, or strobe.
  • (If having a perfect white colour is important for you, the white in the RGB lights is not a perfect white. You’re better off getting a straight white light if a perfect white is important for you.)
  • Blue is a great mood-setting colour, and perfect if your the type of person who likes something a little edgy.

Step #4

What Size Deck Light Face Looks Best, 35mm Or 45mm?

The 35mm and 45mm deck lights have the same amount of LED’s in them, they give off the same amount of light, and the hole they fit into in your deck, is the same size, 30mm. The only difference is the finished face size.

  • Deck lights are about the light, if you want something that is more discreet in your deck of daytime, then the 35mm face is the way to go.
  • If you enjoy seeing a bigger metal face then sure, go the 45mm.

And remember, if you’re running over 14 lights on one system, then you’ll need the bigger 50watt transformer.

Would You Like Some Help With Your Deck Lighting Design And Layout?

Get Customised Help With Your Deck Lighting Plan

Sometimes it’s tough working out the best way to space the lights and where to put them on your deck area. You want it to look great.

Relax because I’ve helped hundreds of customers with their deck lighting design and layout.

If you want expert help here’s what to do…

  • Send through a rough drawing or plan of your deck area.
  • Make sure you mark clearly where the power point is on your drawing.

Then I’ll work out the best layout and design for your place. This custom service is usually $67 but for a limited time, it’s Free.

Email Your Deck Drawing To:
info@fusionlighting.com.au or call 1300 463 735

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These Are Marine Grade Aluminum Deck Lights Here’s Why…

Rust Proof logo

Extensive scientific research has proven Marine Grade Aluminum has enhanced Rust Resistant properties, over 316 stainless steel.

Because of the Marine Grade Aluminum, you won’t have to clean rust spots off deck lights monthly, and you won’t have to replace lights because the face has rust all over it.

With Marine Grade Aluminum it’ll be a smart investment in your deck for years and years to come.

Trusted And Used By Professionals

Our lights are trusted and used by Deck Builders, Builders, Electrical Wholesalers, Electricians, Pool Shops, Holiday resorts in Australia and right across the world.

We’ve helped thousands and thousands of private homeowners all over Australia and the world enhances their decks and entertaining areas with stunning lighting.

Now we’d like to help you enhance your deck and entertaining area. You can make your purchase with confidence knowing you’re using the same premium lighting the professionals use and trust.

And you can make your purchase with peace of mind because you’ll be protected with…

Our Stunning Deck 365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re like 99% of our customers you’ll be impressed with how these lights enhance your deck and entertaining area. You’ll enjoy great evenings on your deck with family and friends. In the unlikely event you’re not delighted, simply return them for a prompt and courteous refund.

Now you can proudly show off your deck and entertaining area of the night time with total peace of mind. If you’re the type of person who likes to do the job once and do it right the first time, then place your order right now.

Act now, all orders within Australia come with FREE Shipping.


As you know, there are many different deck lights on the market. And for some companies, their main objective is in keeping prices down.

This means they may take shortcuts with the components they use. And they are not too concerned about how the product is made or how long it lasts.

For example…

They may use thin cable, which causes voltage drop and lights may flicker.

They may use low-quality LEDs that flicker, fade, or fail within 12 months.

They may use cheap inferior components and housing, which rapidly deteriorates in outdoor conditions.

Don’t risk it.

Make Your Purchase With Confidence

We guarantee you love how your deck looks in an evening.

Get deck lighting made using Commercial Grade, Water-Proof Rust-Proof, and long-lasting Materials… so you always have a beautiful outdoor entertaining area.

It’s An Investment For Your Outdoor Entertaining Areas

These beautiful high-quality deck lights make it easy for you to transform your outdoor entertaining area… and host the best parties.

Now you can sit back with a wine glass in hand and enjoy great times with family and friends.

Here’s What To Do Next

Ordering Your New Deck Lights Is Easy…

  • Go to the top of the page to order.
  • Choose the light colour you’d like Blue, Warm White, Cool White or RGB
  • Choose the finished face diameter you’d like: 35mm or 45mm
  • Choose how many kits you’d like
  • Choose any extras you need, cable, cable joiners, 50-watt transformer.
  • Click Add to Cart and Place your order today.

Fast, secure shipping Monday to Friday. Once your order is shipped you’ll get sent a tracking number so you can track your order.

Now you can kick back on your deck and enjoy great times with family and friends well into the night. Your new deck lights will set the mood and

transform your entertaining area into a welcoming retreat.

Grab your lights now.


P.S These LED deck lights are super-easy to install, come with a FREE Bonus Drill bit. Are made with Marine Grade Aluminum faces,

so they won’t rust out as 316 stainless steel does. Get your premium deck lights today.

P.P.S Simply order at the top of the page or call 1300 463 735



All our products, (except light bulbs), come with Free Shipping within Australia.

We ship from our Sydney Warehouse Monday to Friday using Australia Post or TNT.


We offer a 90-day returns policy.

In the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied with your new product you can send it back to us for a refund.

Item Damaged Or Not Working?

In the unlikely event you get your new product and it’s damaged or not working, don’t panic, we’ll sort it out for you. Just send an email to info@fusionlighting.com.au or call us on 1300 463 735 and we’ll sort it out for you.


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