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You Don’t Want To Go “Nutty” Trying To
Light Your Home Do You?

Hi, I’m Ben Forde. I like cold beer, working out, footy and dealing with businesses who know what they’re talking about.
Six years while kicking back drinking beers with a mate one hot summers afternoon. I quietly listened as my mate vented his frustrations about trying to get a replacement pool light.

I tell you, he was quite annoyed.

More like angry.


I finished my beer and went home and thought a little.

My mates pretty fired up about this and totally pissed, I wonder if this is a common problem trying to replace pool lights?

Well with a bit of research I found out… yep… my frustrated mate wasn’t alone.

Don’t You Find It Annoying When You Can’t
Get Answers, Or Get The Whole Solution
To What You Need?

It’s a pain in the ass right?

A simple job turns into a massive job because you’re running around like a “nutter” trying to work out what you need, and where to get it.

We’re all pressed for time these days with a million jobs to do, so the last thing you want is extra hassles.

That’s why I set about designing and getting made up lighting solutions that were simple to install… outperformed all other options on the market… and included the extra little parts you need to get the job done fast.

Here at Fusion Lighting, over the years we helped
well over 7,500 people light their pool, deck and
outdoor entertaining areas

All our products are super-easy to install, are built with tough materials, and best of all, you open the box and everything you need is in there.

I don’t want you running around town like a crazy-angry-nutter trying to get extra parts you need.

And, another thing we do different around here is give total peace of mind with our industry leading warranty periods.

If you want lighting for your home that puts a real impressive finishing touch on your outdoor entertaining area.

And you want to kick back and enjoy more great times with family and friends.

Do this…

Go grab some of lighting and I’ll organise for it to be shipped out to you.

If you live in Australia, you get FREE shipping.

Enjoy your outdoor entertaining area.

Ben FordeFusion Lighting