The Ultimate Festoon Lighting Guide For Weddings

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Organising a wedding can be stressful, overwhelming, and frustrating if you try to do it all yourself.

So here's what I'll do for you…

I'll make lighting your wedding easy and fun for you. See, one of the businesses I have is, I hire festoon lights, and I personally do the lighting setup. I've seen plenty of wedding venues, and I've seen how festoon lights enhance the venue.

So when it comes to led festoon lights, I've got a solid understanding of creating beautiful lighting for weddings.

One more thing, and it's important…

You can have the best wedding venue with the best view… however, if the wrong lights are used, it drags down the look and appeal of your venue.

So let's look at how you avoid ugly lighting, and we'll look at some party lighting inspiration so you get the magical wedding you've always dreamed about.

The Secret To Creating A Beautiful Ambient Vibe At Your Wedding

Festoon Hire Lights Brisbane Wedding

I'll start with what I believe is the most important factor in wedding festoon lights. The colour of the light is critical. Festoon lights are mood lights that should create a beautiful ambient, inviting glow.

The best colour is Warm White 2200K. So when you're looking at festoon lights, you want bulbs that are Warm White 2200K. If the bulbs are warm white 2700K - 3000K, the light colour is closer to cool white, which looks sterile.

And, if you want that beautiful vintage look and vibe, you can only get that from Warm White 2200K.

Dimming And Control Options

Why are dimmable festoon lights important for your wedding?

I've set festoon lights up in marquees that are 20m x 10m, and the roof is over 3m high. Early in the evening, when the food is served, and speeches are made, the lights are brighter. Then, when the party and dancing get going, the lights can get dimmed.

If you can't dim the festoon lights, you'll struggle to get beautiful lighting.


Because if the lights are too bright, they annoy eyeballs. And if the lights aren't bright enough, many struggle to see.

With dimmable LED festoon lights, you have total control over the lighting, and you can create the perfect wedding night.

Fairy Lights Vs Festoon Lights What's Best?

bride and groom under festoon lights

Just because you've seen a lighting set-up somewhere else doesn't mean it will work in your venue.

Let me explain…

Recently I met the mother and father of a bride at the wedding venue the reception was to be held. It was a beautiful old hall. They wanted fairy lights across the roof and mentioned the vintage wedding theme. They showed me pictures of a few fairy light setups they'd seen online.

When I stood back and took in the beautiful old hall and thought about the vintage theme. I then explained to the wedding party why fairy lights were not the best option and why festoon lights were and why. I showed them some festoon lights I had with me and showed them the beautiful LED filament bulbs.

They went with festoon lights and raved about their amazing wedding night in the old hall.

When it comes to festoon and fairy lights, in many venues, fairy lights can look tacky because fairy lights are smaller than festoon lights. And so many fairy lights have to be used, it can create an ugly eyesore of cables.

You can have a mixture of festoon and fairy lights. I'd be wary of using fairy lights as the main lights and covering large areas.

Outdoor LED Festoon Lights

If your wedding reception is outdoors and exposed to the weather, you can get festoon lights for outdoor use because the last thing you want is for the lighting to fail during the party.

DIY Festoon Party Lights

Sure, you can hire festoon lights and set them up yourself. But you've got to ask. Is it worth my time, hassle, and stress trying to do it myself?

There are plenty of places that hire DIY festoon lights, though. You must hire so many little parts and bits and pieces to complete the job. And if you don't know what you're doing, it can quickly turn into an ugly event.

Outdoor Festoon Lighting Hire

Lights for Events

The people I've set festoon lights up for were grateful they hired me to do the job. Because you don't always install festoon lights, you don't know the best way to hang festoon lights. You don't know the best pattern based on the area's appearance. And that's okay. It's not your job.

Customers have told me they would never have done it the way I did it, and they would never have created the effect I did.

So if you want stress-free lighting for your wedding, maybe your best bet is to get a professional in and get them to do it all for you.

Should You Buy Festoon Lights Or Hire?

It comes down to how much lighting you need. If you want festoon lighting at home, then buying it for the wedding then using it at home is the way to go.

Suppose your wedding reception is held at your place. Another option is to purchase festoon lights and then look to install them at your place after the wedding.

For permanent festoon light installation, use led festoon lights.

Enchanting Ceremony Backdrops

festoon lights lighted up beautifully on the wall

Festoon lighting is great for creating beautiful backdrops. You can hang festoon lights from the roof and let them fall to the ground.

Festoon lights turn brick walls into beautiful features.

Create A Grand Entrance

Feston and fairy lights are great for creating a grand entrance. If a walkway leads into your reception, light it up with festoon and fairy lights. Festoon and fairy lights could get wrapped around a rail, hung along a gutter, or suspended from poles along the entrance.

Festoon Lights Arch

If you want to create a beautiful photo backdrop, an arch covered with festoon lights creates a stunning backdrop.

Dance Floor Delight

bride and groom dancing under festoon lights setup

A good festoon party light setup has festoon lighting over the dance floor. You're sure to get some great photos and create a beautiful setting for your wedding.

And make sure the festoon lights are LED lights and not incandescent. Why? Incandescent lights produce heat and attract insects.

Vintage Elegance

Festoon 24V A60

The best festoon lights have LED filament bulbs. These bulbs look like old-school bulbs and have that vintage look and feel.

How To Get Help Lighting Your Wedding

Contact us if you would love help finding the best outdoor lighting option for your wedding.

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