9 Office Lighting Ideas To Create A Vibe Your Employees Will Love

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If you've ever walked into a funky bar and thought, I love the look and feel of this place. Then one of the reasons you felt that way is because of the lighting. Lighting is critical in how a room looks, feels, and appeals to us.

But get this…

Most office lighting is sterile, harsh lighting, flat-out depressing, and feels clinical, like a dentist's surgery.

The fact is office lighting affects employees' moods and productivity levels.

If you want to boost productivity, create a work environment, and vibe employees love, then you're in the right place. That's because you're about to discover how to use light.

Now let's look at some great office lighting ideas you can use.

List of office lighting ideas

1. Natural Light Source

a man video call meeting in office

The best source of light for humans is natural light from the sun. Endless studies now prove why natural light is critical for us. So whenever possible, maximize natural light by positioning workspaces near windows.

Why is natural light good for us?

Natural light helps improve our mood, helps us feel happier and more focused, and natural light helps regulate the body's natural circadian rhythm. This leads to better sleep patterns and increased energy during the day.

When it comes to what you can do to improve office lighting, first look at natural light.

2. Task Lighting

lamp light on top of laptop

Choosing the perfect light level for everyone is hard if you've got several employees. So here's what you could do. Get some task lighting.

What's task lighting?

You could have adjustable desk lamps. This way, employees can choose the lighting they need. For example, someone might need more light than the person beside them. So, they would adjust their desk lamp into a position to get more light. This saves them from straining their eyes.

If the desk lamp is dimmable, it is even better because it gives the employee total control over the light source.

Another task lighting option is under-cabinet lights. Again, the employees can adjust the lighting according to their needs, reducing eye strain and promoting focus.

Task lighting gives the employees more control over the lighting they need to get work done.

And the payback in productivity is well worth it for a small investment in task lighting, like a desk lamp.

3. Warm Color Temperature Lights

warm light bulb colour temperature scale

Most office lighting is cool white. Cool White is 4000K or higher. K stands for kelvins, and kelvins are what light colour temperature is measured in. Cool white lights are sterile and feel clinical. Think dentist surgery, operating theatre.

Another option is warm white light. Why warm white? Because it creates an inviting, calmer, ambient vibe.

You could choose light bulbs that are warm white, around 2700K to 3000K.

If you feel your office lighting is harsh, install warm white lights.

4. LED Strip Lights

strip light in the hallway

There are many ways LED strip lights can get used to create a funky vibe in your office. You can get RGB strip lights, these change colour. The different colours feel fun and vibrant. When people walk into the office in the morning, instead of bland. They see fun, vibrant colours.

No rule says office lighting should be dull.

5. Accent Lighting

accent lighting example

What's accent lighting?

Accent lighting draws attention to a feature, like artwork, furnishings, a wall, or architectural details, and makes them a focal point.

Accent lighting can also be used to highlight certain features in the office, such as artwork and plants. This highlighting creates added visual interest and injects personality into the workspace.

6. Zone The Lighting

Office lighting doesn't need to be a blanket of sameness across the office space. You could break the office space up into a couple of different zones.

For example…

You could have brighter and more subdued lighting in the communal areas (warm white) in quiet corners or relaxation areas.

The main area where people work might have warm white 3000K overhead lights, and the desk lamps could be cool white 4000K.

7. Floor Lamps

floor lamp, sofa and pink wall

In most offices, the lighting fixtures are overhead. Using a floor lamp, you now have light at different heights. Lamps create a different vibe and look.

An employee might need to read through an important document that requires extra focus and attention. They could go and sit in a stylish chair under a floor lamp and read the document. A stylish chair and floor lamp give your office a fun, welcoming vibe.

And the great thing about floor lamps is that they come in all sorts of styles.

8. Festoon Lights

beautiful hanging festoon lights glowing

Here's what you could do to create a funky, fun vibe in your office space.

Hang some festoon lights. People love festoon lights. I know this well because I sell and install festoon lights for customers. People associate festoon lights with fun times.

If you want happier, more productive employees, create an environment they love, and festoon lights are one way you can light an area and improve the office lighting.

9. Dimmable Lighting Fixtures

lady's hand turning the dim light switch

Usually, office lighting fixtures have one level of brightness. And that's bright. There's no other option.

You can control the light brightness if you get dimmable lights in your office space. You simply turn a knob. A small adjustment using the dimmer can diffuse light and remove the harshness.

Dimmable lights are great because you have total control over the light source.

The Power Of Light

Lighting plays a critical role. It affects how we see and view a place. You've now discovered nine ideas for improving your office lighting.

Take one or two of these ideas, boost productivity, and create a work environment and vibe your employees love.

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