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Brass Garden Lights

Apollo Brass Garden Light
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Apollo Garden Light

Voltage: 12V/24V
Starting from $82.00
Brass Path Light
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Path Garden Light

Voltage: 24V
Starting from $160.00
Brass Hanging Light
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Hanging Garden Light

Voltage: 12V and 24V
Starting from $125.00
In Ground Light
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In-Ground Light

Voltage: 24V
Starting from $92.00
Step Light
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Step Light

Voltage: 24V
Starting from $75.00
Wall Washer
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Wall Washer

Voltage: 24V
Starting from $110.00
Wall Light
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Wall Light

Voltage: 24V
Starting from $95.00

Midnight Black Garden Lights

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Garden Light

Voltage: 12V/24V
Starting from $82.00
Black Path Light
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Path Garden Light

Voltage: 24V
Starting from $155.00

12 Volt v’s 24 Volt Garden Lights
What’s the difference?

12v Garden Lights
Good for short cable runs up to 20m 
Good for small set-ups with a few lights
12V struggles over longer runs
12V lights may flicker when dimmed
Okay option
24v Garden Lights
Best option for long cable runs 20m plus
Great for any size set-up
24V is superior to 12V over any distance
24V are easy to dim
Best option in most cases
12v VS 24v

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Still confused and don’t know where to start?

Here is a collection of the most popular guides that have helped our customers create a stunning garden.

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How To Plan Out Garden Lighting

A basic understanding of up and down lighting and what type of garden lights you can use.

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Free Custom Lighting Plan

Whether you’re looking for a deck or festoon lighting plan, you’ve come to the right place.

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Garden Lights FAQs

How to connect garden lights?

One of the easiest ways to connect your garden lights is with IP68 waterproof joiners. You can find them here.

These joiners are easy to use. Remove a 1.5cm bit of the black casing of the cable, exposing the two wires, usually blue and brown. Then, you strip a bit of the blue and brown covering off, which exposes the two copper wires. Then, you insert the copper wires into the terminals in the joiner. Terminal 1 is positive. Terminal 2 is negative. Then you do it all up.

Another option is to strip your wires, hold the two positive wires you are joining together, and then, using a copper swage, put the two wires into it, then crush the swage. (This stops wires from pulling apart.) Repeat with the negative wires. Then, using heat shrink, over the join and use your heat gun.

How to design and plan out garden lighting?

This question takes more than a couple sentences to answer, and that’s why I wrote a detailed and helpful guide for you on how to design your garden lighting.

One of the important points I cover in that guide is I walk you through the process I go through when designing garden light layouts for customers. You can find that guide on this page.

How to hang garden lights?

There are hanging garden lights with a chain attached to them (we have these lights), making it easy to hang the light. Use a snap hook to ensure the chain doesn’t slip undone.

If you have nothing to hang a light from, install a small-diameter wooden post into your garden, attach an L-shaped bracket, and then hang a light from the bracket.

You can hang garden lights from trees or fences. If you hang garden lights from fences, you might need to hang the garden light using an L-shaped bracket attached to the fence because you don’t want your hanging light to smash into the fence.

Another way to hang lights is to use cable wire.

What are the best garden lights to buy?

The best garden lights to buy are those with replaceable bulbs because you can replace them if they stop working. This is important because if you can’t replace the light part, you must throw the whole garden light out.

With our garden light range, the bulbs are replaceable LED bulbs.

The best garden lights are 24V low voltage because you can run 24V over greater distances than 12V. The smaller the voltage, the bigger gauge cable you require to run your garden lights.

We give you a Lifetime warranty with the lamp body on our garden light range.

Why do garden lights operate at low voltage?

Because low voltage is safe, you don’t need to be an electrician to set up low voltage lighting. Low voltage cable doesn’t need to get buried deep like 240V. You can dig a shallow trench or leave the cable on the surface.

How many garden lights can one transformer support?

First, you need to look at what size the transformer is. It will have this written on it. You’re looking for maybe 60 watts, 100 watts, etc. Then, to work out how many lights can run off a transformer, the sum you use is:

Watts of each garden light x the total number of lights you have.

For example, you’ve got 8 x 3Watt garden lights and 5 x 7Watt garden lights.

8 x 3Watts = 24Watts
5 x 7Watts = 35Watts
Total Watts: 59Watts
Total Lights: 13

This tells us that the transformer to run these lights needs to be 80 watts or bigger.

Going off the above example of 59 watts in total. If your transformer were 60 watts, that would be too small. You could not run 13 lights at 59 watts on a 60 watts transformer.

You should reduce the number of lights so the total watts drops back by at least 6.

How much does it cost to install garden lights?

It would be best to have high-quality garden lights, the right gauge cable, joiners, and a transformer to install your garden lights. The investment can be anywhere from $300 to a few thousand, depending on how many lights are required in your garden.

To get a garden lighting specialist to install your lights, anywhere from $65+ an hour.

Cheap lights cost more to install because, by the time you’ve had to replace them a number of times, the cost adds up quickly.

How to fix garden lights?

To fix garden lights that aren’t working, check the wire connections, ensure they look good, check for any corrosion, and that water hasn’t entered the join.

If none of your lights work, check the transformer to ensure it still works.

If you have LED garden lights, with most of these, you can’t replace the LED board, so the whole thing gets thrown out.

Put a new bulb in if you have one of our garden lights.

Where to best place garden lights?

When you’re looking to place garden lights, ask yourself this question.

Where do I spend most of my time, and what do I see? Because that’s what you’ll want to make sure you light.

Another thing you’re looking at is whether one thing has multiple viewing angles. For example, you’ve got a tree, and you view that tree from your BBQ area. And you can also view that tree from your kitchen window. That’s two viewing angles on the same tree. So, you want two lights on that tree to see it from both angles.

To find out how to best place garden lights, read my helpful guide, How to Design and Plan out Garden Lighting - Because this guide shows you how to work out where to best place garden lights.

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