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Festoon Lighting Commercial Grade 240V


240V Premium Commercial Grade Festoon Lighting

  • Premium quality Festoon lights for residential and commercial use
  • Festoon Cables join together for long runs 120+ meters
  • IP44 Water-Proof Rated sockets, use in all weather conditions
  • UV Resistant cable
  • High grade wiring for superior lighting experience
  • 11m Festoon 10 x E27 Sockets with 90cm Spacing
  • 20m Festoon 20 x E27 Sockets with 90cm Spacing
  • 240 Volt Standard Australian plug for fast install
  • 3 Year Warranty

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Premium Quality Festoon Lighting For Residential And Commercial Use…

Easy To Install Festoon Lighting Instantly Creates An Impressive Outdoor Entertaining Area People Love

Now you can create a beautiful outdoor entertaining area for parties, special events or to simply enjoy with family and friends.

Great mood lighting is the critical ingredient for any outdoor entertaining area.

But you’ll want to get premium commercial grade lighting otherwise it looks cheap and tacky… causes problems… gets affected by the weather …or may fail when you need it most.

This premium commercial grade festoon lighting is tested and proven to last in harsh outdoor conditions. Because it’s durable, tough, made from premium parts… yet looks stylish, smart and elegant.

Made From: UV Resistant, Water-Proof
Long Lasting High-Quality Materials

With Fusion Lighting festoon light’s, you can be assured of high- quality lighting you enjoy for years. Because of the premium grade materials, you can leave your lighting out permanently.

This is not, throw-and-dump in 12 months cheaply made lighting. This is high quality, built to last for you.

  • Festoon Cables Join Together

    You can join Festoon cables together for longer runs. You simply push-together and do up the thread for a water tight seal.
  • Beautiful Ambient Light

    Light plays a critical role for setting the mood and look in an outdoor entertaining area. The light from these bulbs is a beautiful warm white ambient glow. It’s beautiful mood lighting.
  • UV Resistant Cable

    The sun is hot, damaging and intense in Australia, so this Festoon cable is made UV resistant.
  • Dimmable LED Filament Bulbs

    All our LED Bulbs are dimmable so you can choose the perfect amount of light you want at your place. The LED filaments are just so beautiful to look at.
  • Socket Spacing For Best Lighting

    To get a beautiful lighting effect… less is more. Lighting adds ambience and mood. You want ambience, not a clustered look, or something that looks like a runway for planes. Our light sockets are spaced 90cm’s apart… which looks clean and uncluttered. It gives the best lighting effect.
  • E27 Sockets

    Screw in sockets makes it safer when putting lighting overhead. You don’t have to worry if they are in right like bayonet bulbs.
  • Water-Proof Rated

    You can leave this Festoon up permanently because it’s IP44 Water-Proof Rated.
  • Commercial Grade

    Made using heavy-duty, UV resistant, high-quality materials and parts you can use these in commercial and residential settings.
  • Made To Australian Electrical Standards

    All our products have been tested in a lab to Australian Electrical standards. They passed and meet Australian Electrical Standards. So you know they are safe to use.
  • 240V Standard Australian Plug

    Festoon cable plugs straight into a power point.
  • 20m Festoon

    There are 20 light sockets spaced over 18m’s then a 2m power cord. Total length 20m.
  • 11m Festoon

    There are 10 light sockets spaced over 9m’s then a 2m power cord total length 11m.
  • Fun Stylish and Beautiful

    You’ll get even more enjoy out of your outdoor entertaining area when you sitting under these beautiful Festoon lights. They instantly give your outdoor space a stunning new look.

How To Get The Best Lighting Effect
For Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

This is next bit is super important…

You want to see your food on your plate, and be able to grab your beer or wine without feeling like a kangaroo caught in a spot light.

Offensive lighting hurts the eyes and detracts from the entertaining area.

Festoon lighting is about ambience, softer light, mood lighting you can adjust.

If you’re like most and want to set the right ambience for your place you’ll probably want to dim the lights, or make them brighter when you want, because most people do.

That’s why our LED bulbs are dimmable… so you can choose the perfect amount of light for your place, depending on what’s happening.

Choose From 3 Beautiful LED Bulbs
For Your Festoon Lighting

These bulbs are beautiful shapes, they put out a warm white ambient glow which is perfect for mood lighting. And you can dim them.


Get Expert Help And Advice
With Your Festoon Lighting Design

What pattern should you hang your Festoon lights for your outdoor area?

What bulbs should you get?

What’s the best way to hang your lights and what extra parts might you need.

Over the past 5 years I’ve helped hundreds of customers with their Festoon lighting design and layout.

If you want expert help and advice here’s what to do…

Send through a rough drawing or photos of the area you want to light.

This design service is usually $67 but for a limited time it’s Free.

Email your rough drawing or photos to:

[email protected] or call 1300 463 735

All these bulbs produce a beautiful Warm White ambient glow
and they are all dimmable.

We only supply LED Bulbs because they are energy efficient for you, last you for years and they look beautiful.

With incandescent bulbs you may get 2000hrs use. With these LED’s you’ll get 20,000 plus hours.

LED Filament bulbs don’t produce heat like incandescent and halogen bulbs… which means you save money.

Light bulbs come with a 2-Year Warranty and are easy to replace, we always have them in stock.

Here’s What Some Happy Customers Say…

"Best Party Ever"

We just celebrated my husbands 40th birthday in our backyard with 20 of our friends. Your lights were a big hit and made the party area look so beautiful. We had the best party ever. Very good quality and quick to set up.

- Kate Thompson

"You Get What You Pay For"

We brought some cheaper lights off another place last year. They didn't even last 6 months. As soon as I opened yours I could see the difference in quality and how they were made straight away. Thanks for your great service.

- Garry Delaney

Make Your Purchase
With Total Confidence

90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order your new Festoon String lights and hang them up in your outdoor entertaining area, enjoy how they instantly add to the look, feel, and appeal of your outdoor area. If you're like 99.9% of our customers you'll be thrilled with your new Festoon String Lights and how they light your area. In the unlikely event you're not, simply tell us and we'll give you a prompt and courtesy refund on return of goods.LED Bulbs Come With A 2-Year Warranty.

Now You Can Instantly Transform
Your Outdoor Entertaining Area…

And it’s so easy to do when you get the right lighting.

We guarantee you’ll love your newly lit outdoor entertaining area and the feel of the beautiful ambient lighting.

Get Festoon lighting made using Premium Commercial Grade, UV Resistant, Water-Proof and long-lasting Materials… so you always have a beautiful outdoor entertaining area.

It’s An Investment For Your
Entertaining Area You Make Once

These beautiful high-quality Festoon lights makes it easy for you to transform your outdoor entertaining area, and host the fun parties.

Now you can sit back with a beer or glass of wine and enjoy great times with family and friends.

Order your beautiful Festoon Lights now.

Simply go to the top of the page to place your order.

Or Call 1300 463 735… … if the lines are busy please try again.

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