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Festoon Lighting


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Demand soars for our Stunning Vintage Outdoor String Lighting…

Festoon Party Lights

If you’re looking to dramatically increase the look and appeal of your outdoor entertaining area… so it looks stunning… and you want a superior made product that’ll last you for years and years.

Your search is over.

You’re in the right place.

Let’s Get Your Party Started…

You can party the night away, or sit and chat with close friends and family long into the night.

Stylish warm white LED Filament globes, creates the perfect ambient mood for entertaining.

With the right Festoon lights you’ll instantly transform your outdoor area, giving it a stunning new look which is sure to impress.

And it’s easy to do when you’ve got the right lights…

Constructed Using Commercial Grade,
UV Resistant, Water-Proof Materials…

Made using premium high-grade materials so they last for years you can leave these Festoons out permanently.

We care about the environment, which means this is not throw away and dump in 12 months. This is high quality, built to last. 

  • IP44 Water-Proof Rated
  • UV resistant
  • Can leave them out permanently
  • Made from heavy-duty Commercial Grade Materials… which means they are purpose built for harsh outdoor conditions.
  • You can join Festoon strings together for longer runs using the in-built quick-connect water proof system
  • 240V Standard Australian Plug
  • Bulbs are LED because they energy efficient, use very little power and last for years.
  • Light sockets spaced 85cm apart. First socket 2m in from the power point. 20 light sockets spaced over 18m.
  • Protect your investment and buy with confidence because of our 2-Year Light bulb Warranty

How To Get The Right Amount Of Light
In Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

If you’re a little confused about all the different types of light bulbs, how much light they produce, and if they’ll work at you’re place… relax you’re not alone.

Here’s what’s important to know.

Light Brightness Is Measured In Lumens Not Watts, so lumens is the brightness of the light, the higher the lumens the brighter the light.

With LED bulbs usually 1W=100Lm… with the old style halogen bulbs 1W=24Lm, and the old style bulbs produce heat which uses more electricity

How To Choose
The Right Light Bulbs

You want to be able to see the food on your plate and find your drink on the table right?


Do you want a nice warm white ambient glow that sets the mood?

Right then…

You’ll want an LED Filament Bulb in the 2000K to 2200K. What that means is, bulbs in this range put out a beautiful Warm White ambient glow.

A bulb between 2700K to 3000K would be a brighter white like daylight, which isn’t the best look for Festoon Lighting.

Just check out the stylish bulbs we’ve got.

All these bulbs produce a beautiful Warm White ambient glow
and they are all dimmable.

We only supply LED Bulbs because they dramatically reduce running costs, electricity expenses, last years longer and they look beautiful.

With incandescent bulbs you’d belucky to get 2000 hours.With these LED’s you’ll get 20,000 plus hours.

Of note…

  • LED Filament bulbs don’t produce heat like incandescent and halogen bulbs… which mean’s you’re not wasting 90% of your electricity and money.
  • Light bulbs come with a 2-Year warranty and are easy to replace, we always have them in stock.

  • Made to Australian Electrical Standards: We’ve had these made using commercial grade, durable, weather-tough technology. You can leave them out as a permanent fixture because the casing is flexible, durable and thick.
  • You can use them as a permanent fixture… or take them down quickly and easily when not needed.
  • 20m Festoon String has 20 light sockets… first socket is 2m from the power plug. Then the sockets are spaced for best lighting effect at 85cm’s apart.
  • 10m Festoon String has 10 light sockets… first socket is 2m from the power plug. Then the sockets are spaced for great lighting at 85cm’s apart.
  • Super versatile Festoon Lighting gives your outdoor entertaining area a stylish evening look. Hang them around the outside boarder, crisscross it, hang it anyway you want. (Except upside down ?)
  • Festoon lighting system is Waterproof and fully outdoor rated.

Here’s What Some Happy Customers Say…

“Best Party Ever”

We just celebrated my husbands 40th birthday in our backyard with 20 of our friends. Your lights were a big hit and made the party area look so beautiful. We had the best party ever. Very good quality and quick to set up.

– Kate Thompson

“You Get What You Pay For”

We brought some cheaper lights off another place last year. They didn’t even last 6 months. As soon as I opened yours I could see the difference in quality and how they were made straight away. Thanks for your great service.

– Garry Delaney

Here’s Just A Few Of The Places You Can
Use These Festoon Party Lights…

  • Deck Areas
  • Parties
  • Pergolas
  • Backyard
  • BBQ area
  • Balcony
  • Front Porch
  • Back Porch
  • Bali Hut
  • Wedding Tents
  • Wedding Gardens
  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Down outdoor stairs
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Outdoor bars

How To Hang Your
Festoon Lighting…

You’ve got a few options here.

If you’re going to string it out in one straight run, or longer runs over 5m, you’ll need to attach the Festoon String to a line above it.

Each light socket has an attachment point above it.

You can use stainless steel wire cable, which we have, and you can attach the Festoon String to it using cable ties.

For a real fast solution…

You use a thin strong rope and attach the Festoon String to that using cable ties. See picture.

Of note…

Let’s say you want to do shorter runs from one point, and back to another… say it’s 2m-4m. You don’t have to run a cable above the Festoon for this.

You can just attach the Festoon directly to a hook or attachment point you’re running to.

Get ready to instantly transform
your outdoor area…

When you open the box and get them out, the first thing you notice is how well made they are.

They’re built tough yet look beautiful.

Get them out and hang your Festoon String, then put all your bulbs in… turn on and enjoy.

90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order your new Festoon String lights and hang them up in your outdoor entertaining area, enjoy how they instantly add to the look, feel, and appeal of your outdoor area. If you’re like 99.9% of our customers you’ll be thrilled with your new Festoon String Lights and how they light your area. In the unlikely event you’re not, simply tell us and we’ll give you a prompt and courtesy refund on return of goods.

LED Bulbs Come With A 2-Year Warranty.


As you know, there are many different Festoons on the market. And for some companies, their main objective is in keeping prices down.

This means they may take shortcuts with the components they use. And they are not too concerned about how the product is made or how long it last.

For example…

They may use non UV resistant material to keep cost down.

They may use low quality light sockets that cause bulbs to flicker or burn out.

They may use cheap inferior components in their globes.Or globes that aren’t LED.

They may use low-grade thin copper wiring which is okay for solar lights. But not 240V.

Don’t risk it.

Make Your Purchase With Confidence

We guarantee you get an outdoor entertaining area you love,looks stunning and you’re proud to show off.

Get Festoon lighting made using Commercial Grade, UV Resistant, Water-Proof and long-lasting Materials… so you always have a beautiful outdoor entertaining area.

It’s An Investment For
Your Entertaining Area

These beautiful high quality Festoon lights makes it easy for you to transform your outdoor entertaining area, and host the best parties.

Now you can sit back with wine glass in hand and enjoy great times with family and friends.

Order Your New Festoon String Lights Now…

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