3 Awesome Background Lights Ideas

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Outdoor entertaining areas are the entertainment hub of a place. They are a place we sit in and have the best of times with family and friends. 

We’ll enjoy nights we’ll never forget and nights we can’t quite remember. 


What adds even more style and appeal to an outdoor entertaining area is lighting. 

Put the right lighting in your outdoor entertaining area and you instantly give it an exciting new look and showcase your space… and… make it more enjoyable. 

Here’s 3 awesome outdoor lighting ideas that are easy to do, look beautiful and stylish. 

Let’s take a look…

Awesome Lighting Idea #1: Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are awesome because there are many ways you can use them to make your outdoor space even more beautiful. 

You can wrap the fairy lights around tree trunks or branches and your tree becomes a night time feature. 

Put them over beams in a pergola and give it a unique night time look. 

Run them back and forth near your roof for a star-like effect.

Awesome Lighting Idea #2: Garden Spike Lights

Garden spike lights are awesome because you can use them to shine up trees and showcase the tree of an evening.

You can shine them onto a statue feature for effect. 

Use them to light a path or shine on a wall as a feature.

Awesome Lighting Idea #3: Festoon Lighting

Festoon lights are awesome because if you get the right bulbs they look incredible of an evening. 

The warm white ambient glow gives your outdoor entertaining area a stylish new look. 

Dimmable bulbs make it easy for you to get the perfect amount of light for your place. 

There’re so many patterns you can hang festoon lights in. 

And because our Festoon Lights are UV resistant and water-proof rated you can leave them outside permanently. 

Get the right lighting and you’ll instantly transform your outdoor space. 

Try one or all three of these awesome ideas and transform your outdoor entertaining area today.

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