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Stunning Garden Lights Let You Create a Resort-Style
Atmosphere in Your Backyard

Brass Garden LightIf you'd love to create a garden and outdoor area that's beautiful after dark, helps you to relax after work, and adds to the enjoyment you get from your outdoor space, then you're in the right place.

That's because…

With the right type of garden lights, you can instantly change your outdoor area's look, feel, and appeal.

Whether you want to create a resort-style look for your backyard or create the soft ambience of somewhere to chill after dark, we've got you covered.

Check this out…

The photo right below is from our customer on the Sunshine Coast. Notice how the 7Watt garden lights turn the Palm trees into a feature making the area beautiful and inviting.

garden lights in action around a small home pool

Our Garden Light Range Makes It Easy
For You To Get A Beautifully Lit Garden

Professional Quality Garden Lights
Turn Gardens Into Stunning Night-Time Features
Gives Your Home Extra Security
Certified Lighting Experts

  • You Can Call Us And Get Expert Help And Advice
  • You Can Email Rough Plans And Pictures, We’ll Take A Look And Help You Out
  • We’ve Lit Over 783 Gardens So We’ve Got An Eye For What Looks Stunning
  • You Get A Lifetime Warranty With Our Garden Lights

How You Can Quickly & Easily Create Your Own Beautifully
Lit Garden and Outdoor Area

Here's what you do.

Take a look at the area you want to light. Note the size of some of the shrubs, plants and trees.

Maybe you've got a feature of some sort you want to light or a path, wall, or fence that some excellent lighting would add to the look and appeal of your outdoor area.

The Colour Of The Light You Choose
Is Important, And Here's Why

The colour of light significantly affects how your garden and the outdoor area look.

You want to avoid making your place look sterile like an operating theatre or lit up like some tacky side-show-ally.

Our garden lights are Warm White 2700K, giving a stunning lighting effect without being offensive.

Cool white 4000K is a crisp bright white and usually not used as often for garden lighting unless you have a thing for super-crisp bright white lights.

Placing Your Garden Lights
Around Your Garden Area

garden lights in action around a small home pool

Mark The Area In Your Garden
You'll Put Lights

Walk around and drop some clothes pegs or small rocks to mark where you'll put your lights. This gives you an idea of how far apart each light is and where your lights will be.

Choose Your Garden Lights

In the short video below, you’ll see the Apollo garden light 3Watt, 5Watt and 7Watt on the same tree. See the lights in action, and see how much light they put out. This video is helpful for lighting your garden.

You can choose from 12V or 24V lights. (Press the specifications tab for more details)

What's the difference between 12V and 24V?

With 24V, you can run much longer cable and lights than you can with 12V. The 24V and 12V are low voltage and safe to use in a garden and outdoor area.

3 Options For Ordering Your Garden Lights

  1. Garden Light Kits Already assembled kits make your choice easy.
  2. Customised Garden Light KitsWe custom-make kits to your measurements and garden layout.
  3. DIYYou grab all the lights and easy-to-use parts you need and do it yourself.

Let's look at your three options to make lighting your garden easy, fun, and a pleasurable experience for you.

Option 1: Garden Light Kits

These kits come with a set number of lights and cables. When your kit arrives, lay out the cable, push it from the garden light into the T-Joiner and do it up. Then plug the transformer into your power point and turn on your lights.

This short video shows how easy it is to attach the garden light.

Option 2: Customised Garden Light Kits

We custom-make kits to your measurements and garden layout. We can make up any layout and anything you need.

Email your rough plan to info@fusionlighting.com.au, and I'll take a look at it and work out the best way to do it, and then we'll chat once we've sorted out all the details. Finally, the lighting is made up to your plan and measurements and shipped out.

Over the years, I've helped hundreds and hundreds of customers with their lighting plans.

Option 3: DIY 

This option is for those who like to do it themselves. You choose the meters of cable you need to lay around your garden, grab your T-Joiners and cylinder joiners, garden lights and transformer.

Everything you need is on this accessories page for you.

Put An End To Dark,
Dull & Boring Gardens

It's fun lighting your garden and outdoor area, and our garden lights and joiner system make it easy for you to create beautiful lighting in your garden and outdoor space.

We guarantee you get a beautifully lit garden and entertaining outdoor area you love, from a robust garden light made to last and easy to install.

Easy-Join System

Place your garden lights exactly where you want them in your garden, then use the easy-to-use T-Joiner to wire your garden light.

IP67 Water-Proof Rated

The lights can get hosed, rained on, whatever; it doesn't matter because they are high IP67 Water-Proof Rated.

2-In-1 Garden Light

These garden lights are highly versatile. You can put the spike into the ground and use the garden light to shine beautiful light onto your garden, shrubs or trees.

Or you can

Light Walls And Fences

Turn bland chunks of wall or fence into beautiful features. Unscrew the spike part, attach the light base to a brick wall, concrete wall, or wooden fence and give your outdoor area a stunning new look.

Lifetime Warranty

These high-quality brass garden lights come with a Lifetime Warranty on the lamp body,
this is a light you install once and keep forever.

Sleek Stylish Design

The sleek, stylish design with the black colour blends in with the surroundings, making your place look tidy, smart and stylish.

Built-To-Last A Lifetime

These garden lights have been carefully designed, engineered, and made from heavy duty brass. Because of brass unique composition, it won’t corrode like iron and steel.

Low Voltage 12VDC/24VDC

These class-leading garden lights operate on either 12VDC or 24VDC power.

Beautiful Ambient Light

Place the lights where you want them for the best lighting effect for your place. The beautiful warm white light makes your outdoor area stunning in the evening.

Makes Your Outdoor Area Beautiful

If you're like 99% of our customers, you'll be thrilled with how beautiful your outdoor area looks on an evening with these garden lights.

Need Expert Help And Advice
With Your Lighting Plan?

Request A FREE Customised Outdoor Lighting Plan

Over the last 5 years, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners and resorts light their space. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky working out the best light spacing, light colour, and what you’ll need to get the lighting effect you want.

To help you out here’s what we did. We have a customised lighting service, which is usually $80, but for a limited time, it’s Free.

Get Free Plan

Binge-Watching TV Becomes Boring When You Can
Watch Your Beautifully Lit Garden Instead

Once your new garden lights are in and you see them on for the first time, I'm confident you will spend your evenings staring at your beautifully lit garden, not the TV.

Order your garden lights today and create a beautiful garden and outdoor area you love.

How To Order Your Garden Lights

Place your order on this page or call 1300 463 735. If the lines are busy, please try again.


Apollo Garden Light Specifications:

Lamp Body: Heavy duty Brass
Finish: Bronze
Voltage: 12V/24V
Waterproof Rating: IP65
Beam Angle: 38 degrees
Warranty: Lifetime on the lamp body
Stake: ABS Ground Stake
Bulb: MR16 these bulbs operate on both 12VDC/24VDC. Bulb included. You choose the bulb you want included with your Apollo garden light. 3Watt, 5Watt, 7Watt (bulb warranty 5 years)

The lamp body is the same for the 3Watt, 5Watt and 7Watt Apollo Brass Garden Light.

Each Apollo Brass Garden Light comes with a bulb, when you order your lights you choose the bulb you want.

Garden Light Measurement

MR16 3Watt LED Bulb

Volts: 12DC / 24VDC (works with both these voltages)
Colour Temp: Warm White 2700K
Lumens: 260LM
Rated Life: 40000 hours
Warranty: 5 Years

MR16 5Watt LED Bulb

Volts: 12DC / 24VDC (works with both these voltages)
Colour Temp: Warm White 2700K
Lumens: 390LM
Rated Life: 40000 hours
Warranty: 5 Years

MR16 7Watt LED Bulb

Volts: 12DC / 24VDC (works with both these voltages)
Colour Temp: Warm White 2700K
Lumens: 490LM
Rated Life: 40000 hours
Warranty: 5 Years



Garden Light Kits


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We offer a 90-day returns policy. In the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied with your new product you can send it back to us for a refund. Item Damaged Or Not Working? In the unlikely event you get your new product and it’s damaged or not working, don’t panic, we’ll sort it out for you. Just send an email to info@fusionlighting.com.au or call us on 1300 463 735 and we’ll sort it out for you.


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