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Fairy Lights

$75 - $105


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Fairy Light Accessories
90 Day Returns & 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Australian Weather Proof
Premium Materials Long Life Guarantee

Fairy Lights For Trees
Low Voltage Commercial Grade Fairy Lights

If you’re looking to light trees, poles, gardens, and whatever else on a commercial scale, or you simply want to light some trees in your backyard, then you’re in the right place.

That’s because it’s easy to turn any dull, boring, dark area into a visual delight using our premium-quality, built tough, yet beautiful warm white fairy lights.

Our Fusion Lighting fairy lights are purpose-built for harsh outdoor conditions giving you peace of mind on big jobs.

Unique Light Spacing
Turns Your Tree Into A Beautiful Night-Time Feature

Most fairy lights on the market have 10cm light spacings which may look sparse and dull.

Our fairy lights have 5cm warm white light spacings, which means you get twice the lights over the same distance.

Because our lights are brighter you don't have to wrap the fairy lights as close together.

Tree Lights

Made For Harsh Outdoor Conditions

Made with a UV-resistant, durable, strong cable. The cable and lights are designed to last in tough outdoor conditions making them safe and long-lasting.

Waterproof Fairy Lights

You can leave these lights out permanently year-round because they are IP65 waterproof rated. The cables have built-in waterproof joiners which makes it easy to join cables together for longer runs.

And more…

The light nodes are made from tough, durable clear plastic, which means they produce beautiful light, don’t break, or suffer weather damage as smaller light nodes do.

We want our customers to do the job once and enjoy beautiful lighting for years.

How To Run Fairy Lights In
Multiple Directions In Trees

When lighting trees, the branches run off in many directions. To make it easy for you to light branches we have 6-way-multi-joiners.

You can plug six fairy light lengths into the 6-way-multi-joiner.

And another thing...

You can join 6-way-multi-joiners together if needed.

How Far Can You Run LED Fairy Lights?

If you want to use them like string lights, joined end to end, the max distance in one run is 60-80m. Once you go past that you'll need to power them from a couple of positions.

If you have 200m of led fairy lights in a tree and the longest run is 60m, and the other runs are 10, 20, 40 etc... this could be powered from the one transformer.

6 Way Joiner for Fairy lights with waterproof cap

Getting From The Power To The Start Of Your Fairy Lights

These fairy lights run off a 24V transformer, and the transformer plugs into your 240V power point.

To get from the power to the start of your fairy lights we have extension cables from 1.5m to 10m. We can make up any distance you need.

Lighting An Area With A Number Of Trees

If you’ve got a number of trees you want light and you’d like some help working out a plan to light and power it all. Simply give me a call or send an email and we can have a chat.

You might have 2-3 trees or 10-30+ trees you want to light, get in touch with me and I can help you work it all out.

How To Order Your Fairy Lights

Choose the number of fairy light lengths you need. They come in 5m and 10m lengths.

You can join lengths together for longer runs. Push the cables together and do up the thread for a water-proof seal.

All fairy lights run off a 24V Transformer. (Transformer sold separately)

How To Choose A Transformer

Our warm white fairy lights are 24VDC, you will require a 24VDC transformer to run them. We have transformers.

Please note the following:

  • 5m LED Fairy light uses 5Watts of power
  • 10m LED Fairy light uses 8Watts

How To Work Out Which Transformer You Need

Here's what you do...

You times the watts by the number of string lights lengths you want.

If for example, you get 4 x 10m fairy lights, that’s 8watts x 4 lengths = 32watts. A 40Watt or 60Watt transformer does the job.

If you get 8 x 10m fairy lights, that’s 8watts x 10 lengths = 80Watts. A 150watt transformer does the job.

Why We Don't Sell Solar Lights Outdoor Fairy Lights

With many solar lights, you can't control when they come on. The solar panel can create charging issues and may fail, leaving you with a dark garden and outdoor fairy lights that won't turn on.

Solar lights may seem like a great idea however if they won't charge, don't come on when you want them on, or the solar panel fails and gets thrown out in 6-12 months' time, that's not great.

Hanging Your Outdoor Fairy Lights

There are a few ways you can hang your lights.

  • Curtain lights (where they hang down like a curtain)
  • String Lights (might run along a railing or you could have string lights across the top of a fence)
  • Wrapped (usually around trees and poles)

Do You Need Help And Advice With Your Lighting Plan?

Request A FREE Customised Outdoor Lighting Plan

Over the last 5 years, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners and resorts light their space. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky working out the best light spacing, light colour, and what you’ll need to get the lighting effect you want.

To help you out here’s what we did. We have a customised lighting service, which is usually $80, but for a limited time, it’s Free.

Get Free Plan

Now You Can Create A Beautiful Outdoor Area With High-Quality Fairy Lights

Quickly and easily turn any dull or boring outdoor garden space into a beautiful nighttime area. With our warm white fairy lights, you get a beautiful outdoor space you love and so do others.

Our high-quality led fairy light range is made to last in harsh outdoor conditions.

Purchase your fairy lights today. Simply go to the top of the page and place your order.

Or Call 1300 463 735… … if the lines are busy please try again.

Customer Questions

Light Colour:

Warm White

Cable Colour:


Where Do You Ship From?

Brisbane Australia

Can Cockatoo's Chew Through The Cable?

Yes, a Cockatoo is destructive. If you have a tree Cockat0o's hang out in and you want to light that tree, forget about it. They chew the cable.

Can A Possum Chew Through The Cable?

If you have a Possum that loves chewing everything you own. Chances are they will chew cable.

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing Or What I Need Can You Help Me?

Sure can, give me a call or send me an email and I'll help you out.

Do You Install The Lights

No, I don't install lights.

  • UV Resistant Cable
  • IP68 Water-Proof Rated so you can leave them out permanently.
  • Warm White
  • 5m LED Fairy Lights use 5Watts
  • 10m LED Fairy Lights use 8Watts
  • 20m LED Fairy Lights use 16Watts
  • Quick-Connect System
    • Join lengths together for long runs.
    • Simply push cables together and do up the water-proof thread.
  • 24V Low Voltage
    • You can wrap these fairy lights around a tree, put them in hedges use them almost anywhere because 24V low voltage is safe.
All fairy lights run off a 24V Transformer. (Transformer sold separately)
  • 24v transformer
    24V 150-Watt Transformer
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  • 24v transformer
    24V 60-Watt Transformer
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  • 24v transformer
    24V 40-Watt Transformer
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  • 24V Transformer
    24VDC 30Watt Transformer
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  • multi joiner
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  • 510m cable accessory
    10m Extension Cable
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  • 510m cable accessory
    5m Extension Cable
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  • 1m Cable Accessory
    2m Extension Cable
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All our products, (except light bulbs), come with Free Shipping within Australia.

We ship from our Sydney Warehouse Monday to Friday using Australia Post or TNT.

We offer a 90-day returns policy. In the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied with your new product you can send it back to us for a refund. Item Damaged Or Not Working? In the unlikely event you get your new product and it’s damaged or not working, don’t panic, we’ll sort it out for you. Just send an email to or call us on 1300 463 735 and we’ll sort it out for you.

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