Discover the Difference: Cheap vs Quality Garden Lights

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of garden lighting options out there?

You're not alone.

With so many sellers claiming to offer the "highest quality" garden lights, it's hard to know which ones to choose. When investing in quality garden lights, there are a few things to consider and understand. Once you know them, you can confidently select the best garden lights.

Quality That Lasts

Our customers want beautiful outdoor lighting that stands the test of time. But how can you distinguish between cheap and high-quality garden lights?

Cheap vs Quality Garden Lights

Cheap relates to more than just the price. Many companies get their lights made from cheap materials, parts, and components to keep costs down. Moreover, cheap can limit the development, design, engineering, and manufacturing that's gone into making the light.

When you take the above points just covered into consideration, the problem cheap creates for you is this: lights that fail fast and do not last. 

Look at it this way.

Garden Lights That May Last 2-3 Years Just Aren't Good Enough These Days

We feel garden lights that may last 2-3 years must be better. And our customers feel the same way too.

Garden lights are made from brass, aluminium, copper, plastic, and other materials.

What happens when a light stops working?

Most throw the failed light into the rubbish bin because the LEDs can't be replaced. Sure, some of the materials the lights are made from can be recycled, but recycling is still energy-intensive.

Imagine if the garden light lamp body was designed and made to last a lifetime.

How To Quickly Tell The Difference Between Cheap Garden Lights & Quality Garden Lights

Cheap Garden LightsQuality Garden Lights
12-Month warrantyLifetime & 10-Year Warranties
12-Month Bulb Warranty3-Year & 5-Year Bulb Warranties
Can't replace LEDs (throw light out)Replaceable Bulbs (keep lamp body)
Standard off-the-shelf lighting, no testing done in real-world conditionsTested, designed, and engineered for long-term commercial & residential use
Sold by companies who need to be more hands-on in the field with the product. They don't study lighting design and layoutSold by a company that is hands-on with the product. Installs, studies lighting design and layout, and helps you with your lighting plan.
Only offer 12V lighting (12V gets significant voltage drop compared to 24V)Has 12V & 24V lights and can advise you which is best for your situation and why
Makes no mention of cable size (wrong size cable causes voltage drop)Advises you on the best cable size for the length of lighting you want to run

Cheap Lights Age Poorly

Unfortunately, you only discover this when the lights rapidly deteriorate. The material the light is made from may crack and become brittle. Water gets in and kills the light if the lights aren't made well. Another thing that happens is moisture gets in. Over time, this erodes parts, and the light stops working.

Warranty Matters

I can't tell you how other companies develop their warranty because I need to know. However, I can tell you how we came up with ours.

Because we've been in business for over ten years, we've relentlessly tested lights and found issues, flaws, and weaknesses. From testing and new technology, we have a lighting range we can confidently stand behind 100% and offer market-leading warranties.

Most of our garden lights have Lifetime warranties and some ten years. The standard warranty period for most companies selling garden lights is 12 months.

Light Colour Makes A Difference To How Your Garden & Outdoor Area Looks

The colour of the light that shines onto your garden and trees affects how it looks.

You don't want an outdoor area that looks sterile, like an operating theatre or lit up like a side-show-ally.

Our garden lights are warm white 2700K. Through testing and customer feedback, we've discovered that the warm white 2700K looks beautiful. We had warm white 3000k but found it looked a little too sterile.

There are other light colour options, cool white and RGB (red, green, blue.) We've found that the warm white 2700k is hard to beat when it comes to lighting gardens.

Cheap Lights Are Sold By Companies Who Don't Understand Light Design And Layout

Many companies that sell garden lights have yet to study lighting design and layout. And many of these companies have never installed their lights.

Why is this an issue?

It's hard to advise and help customers when you haven't seen the lights in the gardens.

Years ago, when I first started installing customer lights, I was shocked. I was shocked by how poor some of our lights made the garden and outdoor area look. The light colour was wrong. And the quality of some of the lights in real-world situations could have been better. I would never have gotten this critical feedback sitting behind a desk.

Installing lights has helped us develop premium-quality garden lights with lifetime warranties.

Cheap Lights Impact How Your Garden  And Outdoor Area Looks At Night

Many companies sell lights without understating how the light performs in the real world or how the garden lights handle obnoxious weather.

I've seen my lights in hundreds of settings. I know exactly what my lights can and can't do. The quality of the lights directly impacts how your garden looks lit up.

Cheap Garden Lights Cost You More In The Short Term And Long Term

I've had many customers who've found me after purchasing lights from one of the Big hardware stores. The lights they brought lasted only a year.

Cheap lights cost you more because you must buy new ones each time they fail. Replace one light 2-3 times, and you could have invested in high-quality garden lights backed with lifetime warranties.

And put it this way.

You want to relax for the weekend and enjoy your garden, not replace cheap garden lights that continue to fail.

What Sets Us Apart?

You may wonder what makes our garden lights stand out from the rest. While many claim top-quality products, our class-leading 10-year and Lifetime Warranties on garden lights and 3-year and 5-year warranty on bulbs are unmatched.

Our hands-on approach, gained through years of installation experience, has allowed us to identify and rectify product flaws, improve parts and manufacturing processes, and understand the importance of light colour in creating beautiful outdoor spaces.

I don't just sell garden lights. I install my lighting for customers as well. And getting hands-on has been a total game changer.

How so?

  • Over the years, this hands-on approach and seeing the lights in action in real-world situations helped identify what needed to be improved.
  • It helped spot product flaws that could cause problems if not fixed. These discoveries have improved and re-engineered parts and manufacturing processes to create a superior lighting product.
  • We've realised how the colour of the light either makes an outdoor area beautiful or makes an outdoor area ugly.
  • We've discovered what it takes to create beautiful lighting for customers.

We're Here to Help

When you reach out to us, you'll speak to a lighting expert who can provide the guidance you need. Like big corporations, we're a small family-run business dedicated to enhancing your outdoor space's unique style and character through seamless, non-intrusive lighting.

Your Outdoor Area Has A Style And Character That's Unique To It

Great lighting seamlessly flows into this existing style and character and enhances it. The lighting should never feel sterile, too much, or offensive to the eye.

Say goodbye to uninspiring outdoor areas and hello to memorable moments with family and friends. Contact us today via phone or email, and let us help you create the outdoor space you'll love and enjoy for years.

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