Types Of Lights You Can Light Trees With

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Lights wrapped around city trees

The tree’s with lights are beautiful. The lights bring your trees to the life of an evening, creating a focal point. It’s easy to light trees when you’ve got the right lights.

What’s the best type of lighting to put in trees so the lights turn the tree into a beautiful night time feature?

The best type of lighting for trees is purpose built outdoor water-proof rated lighting because the lights in your tree get exposed to unpredictable, intense weather conditions.

And the safest lights to put in trees are Low Voltage…

Always choose low voltage lights for your trees because in the unlikely event a tree branch falls down and takes your lighting with it, or there’s a bad storm, the low voltage is safer than 240V.

With outdoor Rated low voltage lighting in your trees, you’ll enjoy years of safe, beautiful lighting.

There Are 3 Main Types Of Lights You Can Light Trees With

  1. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are those little lights on a long cable, usually, the light nodes are small. Fairy lights are easy to wrap around the branches of trees or hang down from the tree. Sometimes fairy lights are called string lights.

Fairy lights come in different size lengths. 5m, 10m, 20m. You can join lengths together for longer runs. The best colour of light when using fairy lights in trees is Warm White because this gives off a beautiful ambient light.

How To Put Fairy Lights In Trees:


  • How many branches in the tree do you want lights wrapped around?
  • Once you’ve worked this out have a look at the size of the branches how thick are they? Thicker than your arm, leg or waist?
  • Roughly work out how much of the trunk you want lights wrapped around.


  • How far is it from the power to the trees you want to light?
  • If it says, 5m to get to the tree you’ll need an extension cable to get there. (We have these to make it easy for you.)


  • Order your fairy lights for your tree (Get in touch with me.)

Fairy lights outdoor in your tree turn the tree into a beautiful night time feature.

Can you put fairy lights in palm trees? Yes, palm trees look great with fairy lights in them.

  1. Festoon Lights
Festoon lights above large outdoor dining table

Festoon lights are great lights to put in trees or near trees. Festoon lights give off more light in the trees than fairy lights do.

You can run the festoon lights under tree branches or you can have them hanging down from the tree, like a falling lighting effect.

Another way to light trees with festoon lights is, you can use the trees as a point you run your lights out to. For example, you run the lights from your house out to the tree, then back to another point on your house in a V-Shape pattern.

How To Light Your Tree With Festoon Lights


  • Decide if you want the lights in the tree, or you want to use the tree as an anchor point like mentioned above.
  • If you want the lights in the tree you’ll have to measure or guesstimate the meters you want to light.
  • Measure the distance from your power to the tree. (You may need an extension cable, we have these)


  • Choose your festoon lighting. (Tip: get shatter-proof LED bulbs because in rough weather your bulbs won’t smash like glass.)

Another way you can light your tree is with…

  1. Garden Lights
outdoor lights illuminating backyard pool area

Garden lights are great for lighting trees because they are highly versatile lights.

You can put the lights in the ground and have them shine up the trees. Or you can put the lights in the trees themselves. How do you do put the lights in trees?

With some garden spike lights, you can take the spike part off, then put the light component into the tree. Done like this, you can mount the lights at different heights in the trees.

The lights can then shine upwards in the trees, or you can shine the lights down the tree trunk. This gives the trees a beautiful night time effect.

A 3Watt or 7Watt garden light gives you plenty of light for most trees.

And what’s great about using a simple garden light to light your trees is, they are quick, easy, and a cost-effective way to create beautiful trees of an evening.

How To Light Your Trees
Using Garden Lights


  • Roughly work out how high your tree is you want to light
  • Work out if you want to put your lights in the ground or in the trees


  • If you’re going to put your garden lights in the trees, zip-ties work well to hold the light to the tree.


  • Work out the distance from your power to the trees you want to put lights in. (We have extension cables that plug together)
  • Decided on how many garden lights you want
  • Then, times the watts per light by the number of lights you are getting. 4 x 3Watt Lights = 12Watts, you would need a 60watt transformer.


  • Order your lights

You are now ready to
light your trees

Here’s what you just discovered….

You know you need outdoor water-proof-rated lights. You understand that low voltage is the safest option.

And you’ve just been through 3 different types of lighting you can use to light your trees and how you use that light to light your tree. j

If you need any helping choosing lights or need expert advice with lighting trees just get in touch with me.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve helped hundreds of customers with their lights and choosing the best layout for their outdoor lighting.

With great lighting, your tree becomes a beautiful focal point.

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