3 Important Things You Need To Know About Globes For Festoon Lighting

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Lots of folks get confused when looking at bulbs for festoon lighting. And I can see why… there are lots of numbers and things quoted which makes it confusing. 

Let me help you…

What’ll I do for you right here is remove all the confusion and show you how to get beautiful lighting for your outdoor entertaining area.

#1 Brightness Of The Light Globe

Light brightness is measured in Lumens not watts. 

On the bulb or quoted somewhere might be something like 200lms or a higher number. That means the light bulb puts out 200 lumens of light. 

A bulb that’s 800lms would be super bright. 

Watts is the amount of power the bulb uses. The old bulbs had watt numbers like 25watts, 40watts and 60watts. 

These days with LED bulbs, the watts are much lower because the bulbs are way more efficient. 

Festoon lighting is mood lighting, ambient light. 

Our brightest bulb is 4Watts and 285lms. That’s plenty of light and the reason why all our bulbs are dimmable, because you control exactly how much light you get. 

Look at lumens not watts

#2 Colour Of The Light Produced

Light colour is measured in Kelvins. You’ll see numbers like 2200k or 3000k or higher. This is a light scale. 

Our Festoon light bulbs are 2100k or 2200k on the light scale. Why? Because that makes them a warm white ambient colour. 

A bulb that’s 2700k or 3000k on the light scale, that bulb is getting into the Cool White colour area. No good for Festoon lights. 

Warm White ambient colour 2100k – 2200K is the best light for festoon lighting.

#3 Type and Dim

You can get halogen, incandescent or LED bulbs. I’m not going to bother talking much about the first two because I’ve done this topic to death.

Halogen or incandescent chew through power, run hot and are old world technology.

All our bulbs are LED Filament bulbs because they don’t produce heat, look beautiful, last for years and years and they are made dimmable.

If things like the environment, saving money, using for years and years and looks beautiful and stylish are important for you.

Then the only bulbs to get with your Festoon lighting are Dimmable LED Filament bulbs.

Get Dimmable LED Filament Bulbs 


So now you’re a light bulb master and know exactly what you’re looking for. For beautiful festoon lighting with the best bulbs, remember Fusion Lighting.

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