3 Problems Cheap Festoon Lighting Causes

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“I got some cheaper stuff 6 months ago and now it’s stopped working, I’ve got to pull it all down and throw it out.”

Over the years I’ve had plenty of customers tell me that. 

Fact is cheap Festoon lighting cause problems for you here’s 3 of them.

Problem #1 Cost You Money

Cheap cost more because it has to get replaced. When you add up the dollars and time it cost to replace it. Investing in high quality festoon lighting works out cheaper in the long run.

Problem #2 Fails When You Need It Most

It’s tough for any product out in the weather. It’s tougher for cheaply made products because the sun destroys them faster. 

There’s nothing worse than having a party or an event and your festoon lights are working properly or a few of the bulbs are out. 

With high quality festoon lights they work when you need them most.

Problem #3 Creates More Landfill

Cheap products end up as landfill. Problem is, some products take hundreds of years to break down if ever. 

It’s one thing that’s always been on my mind since I started my lighting business. Make high-quality products that last. 

Maybe you might have to replace a bulb, but the festoon cable I supply is UV resistant, Water-proof rated and last. 

I despise this throw away in 12 months mentality many companies and people seem to have.
With Fusion Lighting's Festoon Lights, you’re getting a product you’ll enjoy for years and years.

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