3 Ingredients That Make A Great Outdoor Entertaining Area

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Let’s face it, an outdoor entertaining area is an investment in our health. 

Depending on the home you have, depends on how you’ve set up your outdoor entertaining. 

But once you’ve got it set up there’s 3 ingredients I think that make for a great evening in any outdoor entertaining area. 

You’ll see there’s no beer or wine on this list of 3, that’s because they are automatically part of a great outdoor entertaining area.

#1 The People

Who you invite into your outdoor entertaining area makes or breaks the evening. 

Boring, aggressive, me-me-me story people are hard to spend time with. 

When you’re sitting in your outdoor entertaining area with great friends and family chatting, laughing and playing games life is great.

#2 Music

Put the wrong person in charge of the music and it can quickly turn ugly for people’s ears. 

I’m old school so when enjoying a few drink’s I love Rock, Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel. These old classic songs tell a story and you can sing along.

#3 Lighting

What makes a great outdoor entertaining area truly great is lighting. 

Lighting sets the mood and ambience. Shows off your outdoor entertaining area of an evening and makes the place look beautiful. 

You should see an outdoor entertaining area without Festoon lighting then see it with festoon lighting. Worlds apart. 

The people, the music and the lighting that’s what’s makes a great outdoor entertaining area. 

For the world’s greatest festoon lighting head here.

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