Why You Want Dimmable Festoon Lighting

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Imagine this…

I have never seen your outdoor entertaining area and I choose a light bulb at a certain level of brightness for you.

You can’t adjust the brightness of the bulb because it’s fixed.

The problem with this is….

Maybe you need brighter lights in your outdoor area when eating dinner… and later in the night when you’re sitting around chatting and relaxing with friends you’ll want the lights less bright. Softer on the eyes.

This is why dimmable bulbs in your festoon lighting are a must-have.

Years ago, I never sold dimmable bulbs, all that changed when I started getting a tone of emails.

Customers told me…

“It’s too bright, can I dim them?”

“I want them brighter while eating dinner but then I want them turned down for later in the night. Can I do this?”

“We’re having a party and want mood lighting can I dim my festoon lights?”

With dimmable bulbs, you choose the perfect amount
of light for your outdoor entertaining area

And that’s important because every outdoor area is different.

Lighting is like music… you’re going to want to adjust it throughout the night.

With dimmable bulbs, you get the perfect light brightness for your place.

All of our LED filament bulbs are dimmable and put out a beautiful warm white ambient glow.

Here’s a handy tip…

Lighting in outdoor entertaining areas is mood lighting so you want to have the ability to adjust it.

When you’ve got dimmable bulbs in your Festoon Lighting it’s easy to create a beautiful outdoor entertaining area.

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