24V Low Voltage Festoon Lighting Kit

$315.00$4,229.00 inc. GST

  • 24V low voltage for residential & commercial use
  • IP65 Waterproof Rated
  • UV Resistant Cable
  • Cables join together fast with built-in waterproof joiners
  • Includes transformer
  • Includes 1 x spare bulb
  • Shatter-Proof Beautiful Warm White LED bulbs (2200K)
  • All Bulb Details Are Below
  • Dimmable See Details Below
24V Festoon Accessories
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100% Australian Weather Proof
Premium Materials Long Life Guarantee


Get A Beautiful Outdoor Entertaining Area You Love

What’s Included In Your
Low Voltage Festoon Kit?

You Get High-Grade Festoon Cable

The festoon cable is IP65 Waterproof Rated and UV-Resistant. The cables are designed and made to last in extreme weather conditions.

Our festoon cables are trusted and used by companies working in the Australia desert. Beachside homes, cafes, residential homes right across the country. Pubs, and everything else in between.

The festoon cables join together with built-in waterproof joiners. You simply push the cables together and do up the thread for a waterproof seal.

The festoon cables come in 10m and 20m lengths.

If for example you get 30m, you get 1x10m and 1x20m festoon. If you get 40m you get 2x20m cables.The festoon cables join together with built-in waterproof joiners.

There is 2m of cable from the transformer to the start of the festoon cable. This can be extended.

You Get 24V LED Bulbs

The bulbs are clear Shatter-Proof pvc, which makes them safe to use in public spaces, backyards, and over pools. Our customers love the safety of the shatter-proof bulbs and safe low voltage.

The bulbs put out a beautiful warm white ambient glow which creates an inviting mood and look in your outdoor area. The bulbs are Warm White 2200K.

The sun does not change the colour of the bulbs. They stay clear and beautiful.

The bulbs are E27 so they screw in and screw out.

In the unlikely event one bulb stops working, all the other bulbs keep working.

You Get Low Voltage Transformer

Your festoon lighting kit comes with a transformer you plug into your power point, then you flick the switch and turn your lights on. Easy.

The transformer is 24VDC, and IP65 Water-Proof rated, so you can leave the transformer out in the weather permanently.

You Get 1 x Spare Free Gift Bulb

We included 1 x spare bulb as a free gift with your order because everyone loves a spare.

You Get A Beautiful Outdoor Area You Love

You’ll love how these festoons lights create a beautiful ambient glow, make your outdoor area beautiful and inviting.

Here’s How Your Lighting Set-Up Looks

900mm Spacing

900mm Spacing

The Set-up With a Dimmer

Here’s Some Extra Options And Information
About The Low Voltage Festoon Lighting

If you’d like to control the level of light in your outdoor area, then the waterproof remote-control dimmer is a great choice.

You might want your lights brighter earlier in the evening. Then later on, you might want to sit around and relax, or dance the night away. With a dimmer you can turn the lights down lower and get the perfect amount of light in your outdoor area.

Waterproof Remote-Control Dimmer

All our low voltage bulbs are dimmable. If you want to turn your festoon lights on and off with a remote control, and control the light level. Grab one of our low voltage festoon dimmers.

You can dim the lights right down to a tiny level of light, or crank them up to full brightness. With a dimmer, you’ve got total control over the level of light you get.

Your dimmer arrives with your festoon lights set up and ready to go.

To add a dimmer to your order, press the 24V Festoon Accessories Button.

Installing Your Festoon Lights

We’ve got festoon hanging kits with all the parts you need to hang your festoon lights. For spans over 4m, I’d suggest you use a support wire. Why? Because then your cable is evenly supported and hung in a way that ensures no one point feels excessive strain.

Product Warranty

Festoon Cable 5-Years

Bulbs 2-Years

The warranty policy covers product faults itself and does not cover breakage from any accidents, wild parties, incorrect use, any other damage caused during installation by the purchaser or the contractor installing the lights. We do not offer a warranty on labour.

With The 24V Low Voltage Festoon Lighting
You Can Choose From 5 Beautiful Shatter-Proof LED Bulbs

G45 6 Head Festoon bulb Low voltage
G45 Festoon Bulb Low Voltage
S14 Festoon Bulb Low Voltage
A60 Festoon Bulb Low Voltage
ST64 Festoon Bulb

Here’s What Customer’s Have To Say
About Our Festoon Lights…

“Hi Ben,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the lights. Measurements were perfect, install kit was great and your communication made everything so much easier.

They look great in the backyard, they have completely changed the space.

Thanks again,


Matt's Outdoor Area

“Hi Ben

We finally had a weekend without guests or without rain!Started on Saturday and Steve & I enjoyed plugging away and being creative / innovative as we progressed.

The result is just so stunning and has uplifted the walkways and bbq area so much more than I could ever have imagined.I just love the way the lighting is so soft and of course having the dimmer is fantastic creating different moods and night vision practicality for guest arrival.

Just a few pics for you to see, - I hope to do better ones soon, but wanted you to see your glorious lighting.

Thanks so much.


Tanya's Outdoor Area

“Hi Ben,

I purchased my stunning dimmable festoon lighting kit which adorns my pergola like they were made for each other from you and have been a fan ever since!


Sawsan's Outdoor Area

“Hey Ben,

Finally with a bit of fine weather I’ve got around to putting up the festoon lights. They look amazing and I’m really happy (see below)

The result on our deck is great, and the remote dimmer is perfect. When the grape vine has leaves again in summer it will be spectacular.



Paul's Outdoor Area

More Customers' Photos

More Customer Photos

More Customer Photos

More Customer Photos

How To Order Your Festoon Lights

Choose the length of festoon cable you want with the socket spacing you want 500mm or 900mm.

Choose the bulbs you want.

Add this to your cart.

Then hit the 24V Festoon Accessories button and grab any extras you need.

If you’d like help or have questions call the number on this page, or send an email to info@fusionlighting.com.au


24V Low Voltage Premium Commercial Grade Festoon Lighting

24V Festoon Cable

  • IP65 Water-Proof Rated
  • UV-Resistant Cable
  • High-Grade Commercial Grade Festoon Cable for Residential and Commercial Use
  • 8mm round cable with 2x1.5mm2
  • Lamp Holders E27
  • 100m of festoon cable joined end to end is the max distance before a second transformer is required
  • Cables join together with built-in waterproof joiners
  • 500mm cable has 250mm of cable at the end so when you join cables together the spacings stay even
  • 900mm cable has 450mm of cable at the end so when you join cables together the spacings stay even

 24V LED Bulbs

  • All 24V bulbs are Shatter-Poof
  • 24VDC
  • E27
  • Warm White 2200K
  • Dimmable



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