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Vintage Lighting LED Light Bulbs
Edison Bulbs ST64

Vintage style bulbs are in vogue because they give your room our outdoor area a smart, stylish, classic look. And more, they are beautiful bulbs to look at.

When you compare classic and vintage bulbs to some of the newer bulbs on the market, it’s easy to see why so many people chose vintage light bulbs.

What’s more…

Vintage LED light bulbs are inexpensive to run because LED’s use little power.

Our vintage-looking light bulbs are made using the latest cutting-edge LED lighting technology, these bulbs are energy-efficient, don’t produce heat, and are long-lasting.

Why Choose LED Filaments Over Incandescent?

The vintage incandescent light bulbs put out light by superheating a filament wire. As you can imagine, that’s not efficient. 90% of the energy is wasted as heat.

  • Unlike incandescent light bulbs, vintage LED bulbs are 80% more energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs, which makes them long life led bulbs
  • You might get 3000hrs out of Incandescent where you’ll get over 20,000 hours with LED and they cost you less to run
  • These beautiful vintage styles Edison Light bulbs are teardrop-shaped which gives them a unique stylish retro look
  • They are 4 Watt LED bulb, 240V, glass, with an E27 screw base… which is standard domestic size

Our ST64 Edison Bulbs Are Dimmable

You can dim our LED filament ST64 bulbs right down to a tiny 10% of their total brightness. Simply adjust the dial on your dimmer switch to get the perfect amount of light at your place.

With a quality dimmer, you can dim LED bulbs and they won’t flicker.

What Size Is An ST64 Bulb?

The ST64 bulb is 110mm long and 64mm wide. The width is measured at the bottom of the bulb.

What Does ST64 Mean?

ST is the shape (Spherical Tubular) and the number 64 is the measurement of the widest part of the bulb. That means the ST64 bulb is 64mm wide.

The ST64 is also called a teardrop bulb because it looks like a teardrop.

So what is an ST64 bulb, it’s a Spherical Tubular bulb that’s 64mm across at the widest point.

Are Vintage ST64 Bulbs Dimmable?

No, not all vintage style light bulbs dim.

To dim an ST64 light bulb, it must be made dimmable. If you try to dim an ST64 vintage bulb that hasn’t been made to dim. It will not dim.

If you want to dim your bulbs, you need to carefully read any website you're buying bulbs from, the website should state if the bulb can dim or not. Also, the packet the bulb comes in will say on it, dimmable or non-dimmable.

All of our vintage styles LED bulbs dim. Even our 24V retro LED bulbs can be used with a dimmer.

Where To Buy Edison Light Bulbs?

We have a range of Edison bulbs right here: if what you want isn’t there, then you’ll have to keep searching and look for a retro light bulb elsewhere.

How To Choose The Right Vintage ST64 Bulbs For Your Space?

The colour of the light that comes from the bulb affects your area. Light globes produce many shades of colour temperature. From very warm white to cool white to blue light.

If you want that charming vintage old world filament bulb retro look, then you’re looking for an ST64 Edison bulb that’s 2000K, to 2200K.

Our range of LED vintage led bulbs is 2200K which gives you that charming warm white glow.

The two biggest mistakes made when choosing Edison light globes are:

  • One: Too Bright

Light output or brightness is measured in lumens, not watts. A light bulb might have a number like this written on it. 200lms. The higher that number goes, the brighter the light bulb is.

If you get a led filament bulb that’s 800lms, that’s a bright bulb.

If you wanted your old style light globe to create a nice ambient look and feel in your space. You’d want a light bulb that isn't too bright, 200lms or less. Even better if the bulb was 200lms and dimmable, then you can dim the bulb and get the perfect amount of light.

  • Two: Wrong Colour Light

This is a big one, choosing the right colour light. Light is measured in Kelvins. For example, our bulbs are 2200K. On the light scale chart 2200K is a warm white, where 2700K, 3000K starts to get closer to a cool white colour.

You’ve got to decide…

Do you want your area to have an ambient, welcoming, relaxing feel? If so you’ll want a bulb around that 2200K.

If you want your area brighter and you want a light that’s closer to daylight, then you’d get a bulb that’s 3000K and above. Bulbs that are 4000K and beyond produce crisp daylight lighting, which isn’t mood lighting. And 2700K and above are not the colour of the vintage light bulb ST64The best colour light for festoon lighting is 2200k and a bulb that’s dimmable.

LED Antique Edison Bulb ST64

When the first Edison bulbs came out, they were that warm ambient white glow. If you’re looking to stay in theme then any vintage lights LED should be around 2200K and not super-bright.

Are ST64 Bulbs Water-Proof?

If you’re screwing the ST64 bulb into a socket that has a waterproof rating, then yes. The bulb stays water-proof because the socket seals around the top of the bulb.

If you’re using a socket that isn’t water-proof rated, then yes, water can enter the bulb where the metal meets the glass.

Can You Use ST64 Bulbs Outside?

Yes, you can use LED vintage bulbs outside. If you’re using them in an undercover area, that’s fine.

If you’re using them in festoon lighting, as long as the festoon cables sockets are waterproof rated, yes can use the ST64 bulbs in them. If the festoon cable is not water-proof rated, don’t use the bulbs in them.

Vintage Light Bulbs Australia

If you’re after some vintage light globes to use right here in Australia, check these out.

And what our customers love is, the bulbs are dimmable, which means you can choose the perfect amount of light for your space. Simply dial-up, or dial down the level of light you want.

Questions From Customers:

My ST64 Bulbs Are Too Bright What Should I Do?

Check to see if your bulbs are dimmable if they are dimmable, call an electrician and get him to install a dimmer in your light switch for you.

If your bulbs aren’t dimmable, send them back immediately then purchase your bulbs from this website as all our LED bulbs are dimmable.

Please Help My Dog Keeps Staring At My ST64 Bulbs

Not only do dogs have a great sense of smell, they also have a great sense of style. Your dog is hypnotized by the charm and beauty of the ST64 light bulb.

Simply let your dog enjoy the great choice in lighting you made.

My Cat Doesn’t Seem To Approve Of My Classic Edison Light Globe

Cats spend most of their life asleep. When you first wake up you feel a little dopey and it takes a bit to go. Imagine living in that constant state, that’s what it's like to be a cat. So it’s no wonder your cat may not approve of your new lighting, they are always just waking up.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t have a sense of style. Cats are very “me orientated.”

What Wine Goes Best With And Energy Efficiency LED Filament ST64 Bulb?

Frankly, I'm yet to drink a wine that doesn’t go well with ST64 vintage led bulbs.

Red, white, or pink you can drink it all while sitting or standing under some beautiful LED Edison bulbs.

Wrapping Up On ST64 LED Filament Bulb

If you're after a beautiful colour temperature ST64 led bulb that puts out a charming warm white ambient glow, get a bulb that's 2200K or below. On the light scale chart that's a low temperature. 5000k would be daylight colour.

Your led bulb should be instant on, what that means the instant you turn it on, it's on.

The lead time on all our bulbs right now is, in stock and ready to ship. Be aware things change fast and by the time you place your order we may sell out. Don't panic, lead time may only be a week to a month. If your looking for sale items, everything on our website is for sale.


  • Wattage: 4 Watt (@ 240V)
  • Beam Angle: 360 Degree
  • Light Output: 285 Lumens
  • Colour Temperature: 2200K
  • Base Type: Screw in (E27)
  • Bulb Shape: Edison ST
  • Bulb Finish: Clear
  • Diameter: 63mm
  • Length: 142mm
  • Average Life Hours: 20,000
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Dimmable: YES


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