Deck Lighting: What To Consider When Investing In Deck Lights

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Over the past 7 years I’ve helped hundreds of customers light their deck.

Because I’ve personally spoken to many of these customers on the phone, I’ve heard all sorts of stories and problems they’ve faced. 

Some thought they’d save a few dollars and get cheaper lights, only for it to cost them more in the long run. 

Others had to pull up part of the deck to replace whole lighting systems that failed within 12 months. 

The thing with deck lighting is this, you want get the best quality you can. 

And yes, I understand it’s hard to work out what’s good quality when everyone is claiming theirs is the “best quality.” 

Let me share some of my 7 years of experience with you and a couple of critical things to look for when purchasing your deck lights.

Get Tough Robust 
Looking Deck Lights

When you’re looking at the deck light pictures online, look for thick cable. 

If the cable looks thin and weak it’s cheap wiring and the cable wears out fast. 

Look at the metal on the deck light if it’s thin that’s usually a sign thin cheap metal has been used to cut cost. 

Check to see if the deck light face is stainless steel or marine grade aluminium. 

Stainless steel rust. With marine grade aluminium deck lights rust isn’t an issue. 

High quality lights should have a 2 year or more warranty. You’ll find most deck lights on the market have 12 months. That’s because that’s about all they’ll last.

We give a 2 Year full replacement warranty.

Are They Claiming…
The Best Quality At The 
Cheapest Price Rubbish

Fact is… 

I could get deck lights made dirt cheap and sell them cheap but that causes all sorts of problems for both you and me. The best quality at the cheapest price is simply rubbish. 

My deck lights are made with high-quality materials and components and are proven to last in all sorts or environments. 

The best materials and components at the cheapest price simply isn’t possible… that’s because the best materials, components and technology aren’t made cheaply.

Your Deck Is A Special Place You’ll Enjoy With Family and Friends

Decks are a place to enjoy great times with family and friends. And that’s why you want your deck lights to enhance your beautiful outdoor area, not detract from it. 

My Fusion Lighting deck lights aren’t throw-away in 12-months rubbish. 

These deck lights are made for harsh outdoor conditions, made from high-quality materials, made to last and made to make your place look beautiful.

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