6 Must Know Party Lighting Tips For An Outdoor Party

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If you get your outdoor party lighting wrong, it’s like watching a butcher with a blunt knife. Ugly.

But don’t panic because I’ve got you covered.

Over the past 7 years I’ve supplied lighting to some of the biggest parties and events across Australia.

In this short article you’ll discover exactly how to light your party so it looks beautiful, stylish, inviting… and your guest will talk about your party for years to come.

So, hold on tight because this is a quick, informative and fun read…

Number #1 Mistake Most Make With Party Lighting

They choose the wrong colour light, and this destroys the look and feel of the party area. Some parties end up with as much ambience as a surgical ward.

Soft ambient light works best and creates the party mood.

A warm white, 2000K-2200K gives you a beautiful ambient light. And it creates the perfect look and feel.


Avoid Making Your Guest Feel Like A Kangaroo Caught In A Spotlight

If the party lights are too bright, then your guest look and feel like panicked kangaroos caught in a spotlight.

Fact is…

Bright lighting kills the mood, shines intensely in your guest eyes and annoys them.

The solution to avoiding this horrible plight?

Get Dimmable LED Bulbs

Reason why is, it’s hard to say exactly how much light you need in your specific area. And this is why you want dimmable LED Bulbs.

You might want the lights brighter early in the evening, then you’ll want to dim them later in the night when the party gets going.

With dimmable LED bulbs, you get the perfect amount of light for your party because you control it.

What Outdoor Lighting Works Best For Parties?

Festoon lighting is THE option for party lighting because there are so many different ways you hang and use it and it looks beautiful.

What’s more…

It’s quick and easy to hang, you can leave our water-proof rated festoon lighting outside permanently.

STOP Insects Swarming Your Party Get LED Bulbs NOT Halogen or Incandescent

I recently had a lady call me in a panic, she’d just tested the Festoon lighting she purchased off another company and there where million’s insects flying around the lights.

The festoon lights she had, had incandescent bulbs in them.

She got LED bulbs off me because they don’t produce heat and that instantly fixed her insect problem.

Halogen and incandescent bulbs burn hot and this attracts insects. Plus, halogen and Incandescent use a lot of electricity and will kill the planet.

Here’s How You Get Beautiful Outdoor Party Lighting At Your Place

Your now ready to nail your party lighting and create the party of the year.

Here’s how you put it all together…

  • Make sure the bulbs you get for your party are 2000K-2000K.
  • Don’t get bulbs any higher than 4Watts. Most of the bulbs we sell in our Festoon Lighting for parties are 2Watt.
  • Get dimmable bulbs. You want to be able to control the light brightness and dim the bulbs when you want.
  • Get festoon lighting because then it’s easy to hang and it instantly makes your outdoor area look even more beautiful of an evening.
  • Get your party lighting from Fusion Lighting. I hear that guy has great lighting.

Now you are ready to light your party…

You can get all your party lighting right here at Fusion Lighting.

If you need any help lighting your party, or you need help with your layout and design for the area you want to light.

Do this…

Send an email to info@fusionlighting.com.au or call 1300 463 735 and I’ll help you out.

Get the right outdoor party lighting and you’ll make your party a raving success.

Let’s get the party started

Fusion Lighting

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