5 Costly Fairy Light Mistakes Most Make

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Here’s How You Can Avoid Them & Get Beautiful Fairy Lights That Last You Years, and Years

Mistake #1: They Get Poorly Made Lights

“We got some fairy lights 12 months ago off another company, they have stopped working now we have to replace them.”

Cheaply made fairy lights aren’t built for harsh outdoor conditions, which means they deteriorate rapidly. You then throw them in the rubbish and that’s not good for climate change.

Mistake #2: Cable Is Thin

The Aussie sun causes damage. Fairy lights with thin, cheap cable cracks, then the lights stop working. Get UV-Resistance cable.

Mistake #3: Lights Are Teeny Tiny

Most fairy lights on the market have teeny tiny lights, they are weak and small so you have to use more of them. With bigger light node’s, you get superior light, use less to get the look you want… and the robust bigger light node outlast tiny lights by years.

Mistake #4: Cheap Cost You More

We all want to save money, who doesn’t? If the cheap lights fail and you have to replace them every 12 months. It cost you more and creates more rubbish.

Cheap lights are made with cheap parts to keep cost down. We use high-quality premium parts designed and made to deliver years of beautiful lighting.

Mistake #5: Didn’t Get Commercial Grade

If you’re using your lights outdoors for residential or commercial use, get commercial grade fairy lights.


Because commercial grade lights are made with premium parts and components, designed to last in severe outdoor weather conditions.

Get The Beautiful Outdoor Area You Want With Commercial Grade Fairy Lights

We make our fairy lights to last so they don’t become climate waste. The cable is thick heavy-duty cable. The light nodes are bigger and more robust then most systems available.

The extra investment you make with our lights gives you beautiful high-quality lighting that’s guaranteed to last you for years and years.

We’ve built our business and reputation on premium high-quality lighting that out last all others.

If you need help working out what you need for your lighting, call or email me.

To see our commercial grade Fairy Light’s head here:

Fusion Lighting - Fairy Lights

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