3 Unique Ways To Hang Festoon Lighting

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When it comes to hanging your Festoon lighting you want do it in a way that looks stylish, beautiful and eye-catching. 

Because choosing a safe boring pattern option makes your entertaining area look flat, lifeless and boring.

Here are 3 Unique and Standout Ways You Can Hang Festoon Lighting

Sunset Beauty Pattern


This pattern looks great in all types of outdoor areas. If you like neat tidy and tight layouts this one is for you. 

You’ll notice in the drawing this pattern takes advantage of the sockets spacings in the Festoon cable. 

You start at one side and go across, then the distance you go along is the spacing of your light sockets. On our Festoon lighting one of the spacings is 900mm. 

Then you go back to the other side and repeat.

Sunset Beauty pattern

Hour Glass Pattern

Just like it says, you do an hour glass pattern. 

When you’re sitting under the lights and you look up, the crossover looks beautiful. And you’ve got lights going along the ends of your area. 

Instead of doing the boring up and back, the Hour Glass pattern looks a thousand times better. 

You start in one corner, go along the edge then cross over to the far corner. Then go along your edge a little then cross back to the other corner.

Hour glass drawn pattern

Center Magic

three triangles side by side pattern

Have I saved the best for last? Maybe…

With this pattern you run it in the centre of the area you want to put your Festoon Lighting.

You run two wire cables as seen in my drawing, you could put them 2 meters apart or example.

Then then you zig zag your festoon lighting in between the two wire cables as seen in my drawing.

This is a great pattern to run above an outdoor table because when you’re sitting at the table and look up. It looks beautiful. And this pattern centres your lights.

The other thing is…

Because this pattern is over a table you can use a few Droppers and drop a few bulbs down closer to the table like a pendant light.

Now you’ve got a very unique and beautiful outdoor entertaining area.

So there’s 3 unique ways to hang Festoon lighting.

For the world’s most beautiful Festoon lighting head here.

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