3 Handy Tips When Buying Festoon Lighting

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When you start looking around to buy festoon lighting it’s easy to get confused by all the options available to you. 

There’s cheap lighting with claims of, “it’s the best quality.” Then there’s more expensive lighting with claims of “it’s the best quality.” 

Not only that, there’s all different types of bulbs to choose from. It sure can get confusing but it doesn’t have to. 

Let share some 3 handy tips with you from my 6 years of running my lighting business and dealing with thousands of customers. 

You can’t get the best quality product made from the cheapest price. 

Fact is, cheap products are made with cheap parts. It’s simple maths. 

If you’re looking to purchase festoon lighting here’s 3 handy tips that’ll guarantee you get the best lighting product for your place.

Tip #1 Get Commercial Grade

Why? Because it’s made with high quality materials and components. Commercial grade is robust and designed for harsh outdoor conditions. 

The high quality parts means it will last you for years. 

All our Festoon lighting is commercial grade.

Tip #2 Get Dimmable Bulbs

Once upon a time I didn’t sell dimmable bulbs, that was a huge mistake because customers either said the bulbs were too bright or not bright enough. 

So I got dimmable bulbs and the customers loved them. 

With dimmable bulbs you get to choose the perfect amount of light for your outdoor entertaining area. 

All our LED bulbs are dimmable.

Tip #2 Get LED Bulbs

Halogen, incandescent bulbs, carbon filament globes whatever… these bulbs use way more power than LED’s and are old technology. 

Check this out…

A 20m Festoon with 20 light sockets, and let’s say we use a 2-Watt LED Filament bulb like we supply. That’s 40-Watts max of power. 

Now compare that to this…

20m Festoon with 20 light sockets… with 25-watt halogen or 25-watt incandescent bulbs. That’s 500watts of power getting chewed up. 460watts more than the LED’s. 

It’s a no brainer because LED’s last you for years, use less electricity and they look beautiful. 

If you keep those 3 handy tips in mind when purchasing your Festoon lighting. You’ll enjoy beautiful lighting for years and years and years.

For commercial-grade festoon lighting that turns outdoor entertaining areas into beautiful fun places go here.

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