11 Deck Lighting Ideas You’ll Want To Know
Before Lighting Your Deck

Deck Lighting Ideas and Mistake

Decks are great places for entertaining family and friends, or a great place to kick back and relax.

And that’s why you want to get the right type of deck lighting, so your deck look’s beautiful of an evening.

In this fast to read article, I’ll show you some deck lighting ideas and mistakes to avoid so you can get beautiful lighting for your deck.

How do I know about these 11 deck lighting ideas?

At Fusion Lighting over the past 7 years I’ve helped hundreds of customers with the design and layout of their deck lighting.

So let’s take a look…

Idea #1: Less Is More With Deck Lights

11 Deck Lighting Ideas You’ll Want To Know Before Lighting Your Deck

You want to relax and unwind on your deck, however that’s a little hard to do if the lighting is assaulting your eyeballs.

A mistake a lot of people make is they put too many lights in.

Idea #2: Deck Light Colours

Led Deck Lights

The colour of the light you choose for your deck area is critical because the light affects your entire area.

What’s around your deck, is it wall or garden? Do you need it brighter because there are no other lights in the area?

The main deck light colours are Warm White, Cool White, Blue and RGB.

Warm white is the most popular with our customers because of the softer beautiful ambient light. Then cool white and blue.

RGB might seem like a great idea to have colour changing lights… however, it never looks as smart or stylish as the straight colours do.

Idea #3: Discreet Stylish Lighting

11 Deck Lighting Ideas You’ll Want To Know Before Lighting Your Deck

Deck lights make your deck area beautiful of an evening. So, with a smaller 35mm-45mm deck light face, you get beautiful light and the metal face is more discreet in the deck of a day time.

And more, won’t catch tonnes of sun reflection like the bigger metal faces do.

Idea #4: Lighting Steps

Lighting Stairs

You don’t want anyone falling down your steps in the dark. So, it’s a great idea to put some deck lights on your steps.

If you’re worried about the deck lights shining in your eyes. You can put the light in the fascia or on the side, so the light now shines across the step but not directly up.

Another idea is to use a deck light that has a light diffuser top on it like the one here in the picture.

If you’re putting a few lights in your steps, you might need these handy cable joiners so you don’t use up all your main deck light power cable trying to light your steps.

Idea #5: Placing Deck Lights Near A Glass Fence

Deck Lights Near A Glass Fence

If you place deck lights under a glass fence then what happens is, the light gets blocked by the thick glass.

Lights put near glass fences are best placed just in front of the glass fence. You could come out 30mm or so.

Idea #6: Get Marine Grade Aluminium Deck Lights


Because Marine Grade Aluminium Deck Lights are more Rust-Resistant than any stainless steel, including 316 stainless steel.

No one likes scrubbing rust in their spare time. With marine grade aluminium deck lights you’ll enjoy all the rust-free benefits that come with them.

Idea #7: Make It Easy To Light Your Deck

There’s nothing worse than getting caught-short.

Once you start placing your lights you’ll find it’s very handy to have a deck light with a longer tail. (Tail? The cable that’s attached to the deck light.)

Deck lights with short tails make it difficult for you to place your lights exactly where you want them. When you get deck lights with 1m tails, you won’t get caught short on cable.

Idea #8: Best Spacing For Your Deck Lights

Customer Deck Lights

What’s the best spacing?

It depends on your total deck area you want to cover. Having seen hundreds of decks I tell my customers… 1.2m+ works best for deck light spacings.

Deck lights spaced at 1m apart look clustered, and your deck looks like a run way strip.

Remember, deck lights are mood lighting and ambient lighting, so best not over-do-it.

Idea #9: Lighting Bigger Deck Areas

cable joiners and extension cable

Most companies sell standard kits with X amounts of lights in the kit. That’s useless if you’ve got a bigger deck area to light.

With our deck light kits it’s easy to light big areas and join sets together so you can run them all off the one transformer.

Cable joiners and extra cables and lights sold separately make it easy for you to light your deck.

Idea #10: Factor In The Distance To Your Power

If you’re Power-point is X number meters away from where you want to start your deck lights, then you need to factor that in.

Otherwise, you’ll use up a lot of your cable getting across to where you want to start your deck lights.

We have handy push-together, water-proof extension cables that make it easy for you to get from your power-point to the start of your deck lighting.

Idea #11: Choose High Quality Deck Lighting

Customer Deck Lights

I’ve been helping customer light their decks for over 7 years now, and I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories.

It’s no fun pulling out deck lights you put in 6 months ago because they don’t work.

Fact is, some lights are made with cheap parts, components and materials so they can be sold cheap.

You’ve spent money on your beautiful deck, so don’t detract from the beauty of your deck with cheap lights.

With These Deck Lighting Ideas, You Can Get
The Beautiful Deck Area You Want

I’ve given you plenty of great ideas and things to think about so you can get a beautifully lit deck.

With great deck lights, you’ll get even more enjoyment and pleasure out of your deck area of an evening.

If you need any help, have any questions or you’d like to send your deck plan to me. You can send it to [email protected]