What Are The Best Bulbs For Festoon Lighting?

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When you begin to look at festoon lighting you’ll quickly realise there are hundreds of different bulb options available. 

The thing about bulbs is this…

In festoon lighting the bulbs are very visible and they’re on constant display. The bulbs will make or break the lighting effect you get. 

What’s more…

The bulbs are a significant part of the artwork. 

Go into a 5 Star Hotel and you’ll notice the high-end lighting fittings they have. There’s a reason for that. Cheap lighting would detract from the hotels look and feel. 

Fact is…

Get ugly, cheap tacky looking bulbs and they will drag down the lighting experience you get. 

Just take a look at this ugly bulb, look at the light part. It’s horrible.

cheap looking lightbulb

Now check out one of the beautiful LED filament bulbs we supply. This bulb puts out a beautiful warm white ambient glow. 

And even when this bulb is off people still comment on how beautiful it looks.

Luminescent LED filament edison lightbulb

When you’re looking at all the bulbs options for Festoon Lighting remember…

A lot of these bulbs are halogen or incandescent, which means they jack up your electricity bill because they burn through power.

So What Are the Best Bulbs To 
Get With Festoon Lighting?

LED Filament Bulbs that are dimmable are the best bulbs to get.


  • #1 Because they are absolutely beautiful
  • #2 Because they use very little electricity
  • #3 Because you can dim them
  • #4 Because they last you for years and years
  • #5 Because they look stylish and smart even when they are turned off

For Festoon lighting with beautiful LED Filament Bulbs, remember us.

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