Maybe The World’s Most Beautiful Festoon Globes…

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Because I’ve owed a lighting business for over 6 years now. When I’m out and about I’m always looking at lighting and how it affects an area. 

And I’ll share this with you…

Light fittings and light globes make a significant difference to end result you get. 

Take Festoon lighting…

When it comes to Festoon lighting possibly the world’s most beautiful bulb is an ST64 tear-drop shape globe. 

Here’s a picture of the ST64 LED Filament bulb we have.

The warm white long filaments are beautiful to look at. The big bulb is eye-catching. 

When you’ve got 20 or more of these bulbs in an area it’s absolutely beautiful.

What’s more…

You can dim these bulbs, dimmed down low these bulbs look beautiful.

You want dimmable bulbs because they make a dramatic difference to how you can light your area. 

Light and light bulbs are little pieces of artwork that either add or detract from your outdoor entertaining area. 

If you want a beautiful outdoor entertaining area then you want to check out these beautiful bulbs for your Festoon lighting.

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