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Festoon Lighting Brisbane

If you’re looking for beautiful LED festoon lighting for your outdoor area, then you’re in the right place. That’s because…

I’ll take you through how to choose the festoon lighting for your place right here in Brisbane QLD so you beautiful lighting. And I'll show you an easy installation process.

What Are The Best Festoon Lights For Brisbane?

The best festoon lighting puts out a beautiful ambient glow. Festoon lights are mood lights. If it's too bright you're not creating an ambient mood.

Bulbs-wise, LED 2200K warm white gives you that lovely ambient glow.

Dimmable LED bulbs are best because you can control the exact amount of light brightness you want in your area. Which means you create the perfect mood and atmosphere for your place.

LED bulbs make a great choice because they last longer, don’t produce heat, and use less power than other options.

If you’re looking to leave your festoon lights out permanently and they'll be exposed to full weather, get the highest water-proof rated lights you can. IP67 is a high water-proof rating.

Festoon Lighting FAQs

How do you attach festoon lights to a house?

If your house is brick, use a 5mm masonry drill bit, put a wall plug into the hole, then screw a 40mm eye screw in.
If your house is timber, drill a small pilot hole, then screw a 40mm eye screw in.
Once your eye-screws are in run a 1.6mm wire cable and attach the festoon lighting to this with turnbuckle and Quick-Joiner.

See all the steps and parts right here.

What does festoon lighting mean?

The word festoon itself means, “a decorative chain or string hanging between two points walls decorated with festoons of flowers.”

So, with festoon lighting, you string the lights between walls and different points to decorate your area with beautiful lighting.

Are festoon lights waterproof?

Yes, they are. When you’re looking at water-proof-rated festoon lights you’re looking for their IP Rating. The higher the IP rating the higher the water-proof rating the product has.

We have two types of festoon lighting systems 240V and 24V low voltage

Our 240V festoon lights are IP44 and our 24V low voltage system are IP67. Both IP44 and IP67 can be left in full weather permanently.

Should you get glass or shatter-proof PVC bulbs?

Many of our commercial customers get the 24V system with the shatter-proof PVC bulbs because they like the safety of the low voltage, and the fact bulbs can’t break.

If the area you want to light is covered and you’re not concerned with bulbs ever breaking then the 240V system with glass bulbs is great.

The differences between the 240V system and the 24V low voltage system. Is the voltage, and the bulbs. Glass vs Shatter-Proof PVC.

Should you get commercial grade or standard festoon lighting?

Both our 240V and 24V low voltage festoon lighting is premium commercial-grade quality. Other companies offer a standard system below commercial grade. We see no point in making a standard product that is inferior to our commercial-grade quality.

Our residential, commercial customers and companies that have events all love the high quality, durable and long-lasting commercial-grade festoon lighting.

The Sun In Brisbane QLD Has Intense UV Rays So Get Outdoor Rated Festoon Lights

The sun's intense rays rapidly destroy festoon lights that aren't designed to handle harsh outdoor conditions. Our festoon lighting systems are made from UV-resistant materials.

The Biggest Mistake Most Make When Purchasing Festoon Lights

Kid Facepalming

Buy Lights They Can’t Dim

Festoon lighting is mood lighting. I can’t say exactly how bright or dull you need your lights in your outdoor area. That’s why all our lights are dimmable.

Choose Ugly Bulbs

Ugly bulbs devalue the appeal of your lighting. People love looking at beautiful bulbs.

Wrong Colour Light

Sterile light destroys the look and appeal of your outdoor area. Warm white 2200K gives you that beautiful ambient glow that creates the perfect look and feels for your outdoor area.

Don’t Get All The Parts They Need

If you can’t get all the parts you need from one place like extension cables, parts to hang your lights, and other bits to make the job easy. Buy off someone who knows the products inside out and can help you with everything.

Would You Like Some Expert Help And Advice
With Your Festoon Lighting Design?

Request A FREE Customised Outdoor Lighting Plan

Over the last 5 years we’ve helped thousands of homeowners and resorts light their space. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky working out the best light spacing, light colour and what you’ll need to get the lighting effect you want.

To help you out here’s what we done. We have a customised lighting service, which is usually $80, but for a limited time, it’s Free.

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Create Your Beautiful Outdoor Area Today

If you need help with your lighting plan call or email me and I'll help you out.
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