Outdoor Lighting Cables

The correct outdoor lighting cables are essential for running your lights outdoors and each lighting system requires a different cable or set of cables to run efficiently and effectively. Cables need to be built specifically to be strong enough to run under the ground or to withstand pressure from being buried or covered with your flower bed displays or turf. Our cables are strong, built to last, 100% Australian weatherproof and can cover distances of up to 10m. Outdoor cables are the final choice in creating your tailor-made outdoor lighting, and choosing the correct option for your bulbs will create a lighting display with the greatest efficiency and brightness.

Our wide range of outdoor lighting cables include:

  • 10m Deck Light Main Power Cable suited for single colours of warm white, cool white and blue. This cable can power more than 10 lights at a time and can traverse a bigger distance, with the option to add extra deck lights into the included portals, with the assistance of a cable joiner.
  • 10m Extension Cable. This cable is the perfect solution for larger yards or displays and allows you to feature your garden lights exactly where you need them. The easy-join system allows you to push the cables together to form a waterproof seal, forming longer cables for more diverse uses.
  • 10m Straight Extension Cable has a female and male connector allowing the user to achieve a length of more than 6m from the power source. This cable is only suited to straight colours such as warm white, cool white or blue, and comes in a standard size of 10m.
  • 1m Extension Cable is a non-intrusive and simple solution for adding extra length to your existing power source or cabling system. These cables are easy to join and they form a waterproof and weatherproof seal, allowing you to feature your lights wherever you need them.
  • 5m Extension Cable means a longer and larger yard is complete, with a simple easy-join system that allows you to do up the thread for a waterproof and weatherproof seal. This cable is available with a male and female connector or to connect directly to the power source.

The correct cabling can complete your space, offering length and versatility to how you can display your lights. Our cables are 100% weatherproof and are made with materials to guarantee long life durability. Our cables combined with our transformers and bulbs will create a lighting display that you and your guests will love and is guaranteed to function with ease and style.

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