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Outdoor Lighting Transformers

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  • 60watt transformer
    12VDC 60Watt Transformer
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  • 4inlet
    220Va 4 Inlet Transformer
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  • 24v transformer
    24V 150-Watt Transformer
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  • 24v transformer
    24V 200-Watt Transformer
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  • 24v transformer
    24V 60-Watt Transformer
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  • 24v transformer
    24V 300-Watt Transformer
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  • 24v transformer
    24V 400-Watt Transformer
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  • 24v transformer
    24V 40-Watt Transformer
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  • 24v transformer
    24V Low Voltage Transformer
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  • 24V Transformer
    24VDC 20Watt Transformer
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  • 50va Watt transformer
    50 Watt Transformer
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Lighting transformers are the essential element to make your new bulbs work. They are the filter between the high voltage of your electricity and the wattage that your household lighting can withstand. We have transformers available to suit anywhere from pool lighting to long strands of festoon lighting, offering different powering solutions for your outdoor lighting. Our transformers are outdoor rated and built to withstand Australian weather and can power your lighting sufficiently and with durability.

  • The 12VDC 60Watt Transformer can be placed in full weather and is 100% waterproof rated. Mountable to a flat surface, this transformer is ideal for garden lights with a range of wattage options.
  • The 220Va 4 Inlet Transformer is a garden light transformer that can run pool lights and withstand complete immersion in water.
  • The 24V 150-Watt Transformer is a waterproof LED Driver and can withstand full exposure to the weather. This transformer is powerful enough to support two or more sets of festoon lights up to 100m each.
  • The 24V 200-Watt Transformer is a powerful system that can run up to 160m of festoon cable – making it perfect for larger outdoor spaces. This transformer can be left in full weather and has a compact and unintrusive design.
  • The 24V 300-Watt Transformer offers the flexibility to run multiple cables from one point and up to 150m of festoon cable. Along with being completely waterproof, this transformer is your solution for powering many lights in synchronization.
  • The 24V 60-Watt Transformer is a sleek solution for powering one festoon cable or a small selection of LED lights. With the ability to withstand the full extent of the weather, this transformer is the best choice for a small outdoor space with only a few lights to power.
  • The 24VDC 20-Watt Transformer is a compact choice for powering one or two lights and is a durable and waterproof solution for a compact space.
  • The 50-Watt Transformer is the solution when you are running more than 14 lights on one system and is a great mid-range power option for small to medium spaces.

Our array of transformer options brings solutions to suit your specific lighting arrangements and are 100% Australian weatherproof, made with premium materials for a lifelong guarantee. We will have the perfect transformer for your space so no voltage is wasted, and your lighting system can run as effectively as possible.

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