4 Easy Steps to Light Mastery

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Lighting has the power to showcase a room or outdoor entertaining area, making it even more beautiful. And on the other hand, the wrong lighting choice instantly destroys the look and feel of a room or outdoor area.

So right here, I’ll turn you into a master of light so you always create beautiful rooms and outdoor areas with lighting.

Step #1: Know Your K’s

You may have seen the letter K on a light bulb, or light bulb box. What’s the K mean?

K stands for Kelvins. Lighting has a scale and it’s called Kelvins. For example, on one of my light bulb boxes is says 2200K, which is a beautiful warm white ambient light.

The lighting scale is this:

As you can see, the light goes from very warm white to surgical room white.

Cool white which you probably have in your kitchen would sit from 4000K-7000K.

Step #2: Watts

Watts is the power the light draws to run it. The great thing about LED bulbs is they use fewer watts than the old-world bulbs like halogen and incandescent.


My 20m festoon use a 2Watt LED bulb. 2Watts x 20 Bulbs = 40watts

Now, some people might buy a 20m Festoon with 25Watt incandescent bulbs and think they are saving money because these bulbs are cheaper to buy.

But are they really saving?

25Watts x 20 Bulbs = 500watts of power getting sucked down. 

Once upon a time in the old’n days the higher the watts, the brighter the light was.

However, that’s not the case today because the technology in LED lights is so far advanced compared to halogen and incandescent.

LED’s use fewer watts, give you superior quality light, are brighter using fewer watts, last longer and are environmentally friendly

Step #3: Lumens = Light Brightness

Light brightness is measured in Lumens, not watts. When you’re looking at light bulbs make sure you find the lumens.

For example…

If a light bulb was 200lms that would be fairly bright. If a light bulb was 800lms that would be super-bright.

Choosing the exact light brightness for a room or outdoor area is slightly challenging, that’s why dimmable bulbs are a great choice.

Note: For mood lighting, you don’t want super-bright lights, otherwise your eyes constantly feel assaulted by the piercing bright light.

Step #4: Dimmable Bulbs

With dimmable bulbs, you can choose the exact amount of light for you.

Imagine this…

You’re sitting in your outdoor entertaining area reading when you hear a rapid knock on the front door.

Opening the door, you see it’s your best friend grinning holding a bottle of your favourite wine.

You heading back out to your outdoor entertaining area and dim the lights. Why? Because you’re not going to want your lights on high-beam when you’re relaxing.

With dimmable bulbs, you always get the perfect amount of light for your place.

Putting It All Together

Welcome Light Master…

You now understand Kelvins because you’ve seen the light scale, you also understand watts, lumens and the advantages of dimmable lights.

But just before I tattoo the Light Masters symbol on your back, let’s put all your new skills together in one final test… then I’ll tattoo.

Choose Festoon Lighting For Your
Outdoor Entertaining Area

The details…

Outdoor entertaining areas are places we eat, drink, laugh and enjoy the best of times with family and friends. That means we don’t want aggressive lighting.

So, a softer ambient light will set the mood, feel relaxing and feel gentle on the eyes.

Kelvin-wise 2200k is a great choice because this gives you a beautiful warm white ambient light.

Watts, 2-4watts will do the job.

Lumens 120-280lms, yes that’s a broad range I know but with dimmable bulbs, it’s all good.

With a choice like this, you can have the lights up brighter while everyone is eating.

Then, as you all kick back and relax with a drink in hand. Turn the lights down, and turn up the music and get the party started.

Now you got lighting that’ll make your outdoor entertaining area look beautiful of an evening.

Congratulations you’ve now a reached Master of Light status… now for your tattoo.

Because you understand Kelvins, lumens and watts you’ll always make great lighting choices and get the beautiful look you’re after.

Go forth Light Master and choose your lighting.

Ben Forde 

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