Garden spike lights, easy to use, stylish, made tough and low voltage…

Garden Lights
Makes Your Garden Beautiful
Of A Night Time

Now it’s easy to make your garden and outdoor entertaining look absolutely beautiful of an evening.

Easily light plants, trees, walls, hedges, statues and small shrubs.

What’s more…

Lighting your garden gives you added security around your home.

Our Fusion Lighting Spike lights are built to show off your garden.

This is low voltage 12V lighting, made from tough, long lasting materials. We want you to get years of enjoyment out of our lighting, and you will.

When you open your box the first thing you’ll notice is the weight and quality of materials used. If you like to do a job once using quality products that last, you’ll be pleased with these.

Made from High Quality
Commercial Grade Materials…

  • Silver 304 Stainless Steel Garden Spike Light
  • Comes complete with 3-Watt LED Globe 3000K (Warm White)
  • The light output is 240 Lumens
  • IP65 Weatherproof Rating
  • Comes with 1m Cable which has our IP67 Quick Connectors system. (*Note the 2-Pin end can be cut off and the wires can then get joined into existing wiring you have.)
  • Spike light stands 25cm tall when pushed into the ground. (Spike is made from tough plastic so it won’t rust.)
  • You can use the Fusion Spike Light to light trees up to 6m tall.
  • 12 month warranty

Here’s How You
Light Your Garden

Workout how many spike lights you want, and where you want to place the lights in your garden.

The spike lights have a 1m tail.

There’s a 10m main power cable you can get with portals every 1m to plug into.

We also have 5m and 10m extension cables with male and female ends only.

If running more than 3 lights you’ll need the bigger transformer.

For 3 or less lights the 10va transformer is fine.

Need Help With Your
Garden Lighting Plan?

If you’d like help with working out what you’ll need to light your garden, send through a rough drawing of your layout and I’ll help you out.

It’s easy to make your garden beautiful of a night time.

Simply head back to the top of the page and place your order now.

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