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“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Andy Warhol

The Most Overlooked, Bland, Boring,
And Visually Wasted Space Outdoors
Are Fences And Walls

Big blank chunks of walls and fences can be so ugly and boring they hurt your feelings and your eyeballs.

How do you banish these lifeless walls and fences?

You could…

  • Paint the wall or fence a funky colour. Boring.
  • Get a landscape gardener in. Expensive. Time-consuming.
  • Get a plant to grow over it. Nah.
  • Ignore it. Well, that’s unimaginative.

How about this…

What if you could instantly turn chunks of walls or fences into pieces of art? I’m talking about art that astounds and has you sobbing with joy.

Okay, so how do you do that?

Glad you asked.

Tiffany Solar Wall-Art Light

Turns Boring Chunks Of Fence And Wall
Into The Most Profound, Emotionally Moving,
And Fascinating Pieces Of Art

Light A Fence With Solar Lights

Imagine, getting home from work, you’re tired and want to relax. Out of the window of your house, you get a glimpse of your wall lit up with beautiful light art. A smile beams across your face so you go outside to relax, enjoy, and get an even closer view of your light-art investment.

Tiffany Solar Wall Light
Solar Light For Garden

Here Are 7 Reasons Why The Tiffany Solar
Wall-Art Light Turns Walls and Fences
Into Profound Light-Art

  1. Shoots stunning artistic light beams out in 6 directions.
  2. It turns blank walls and fences into pleasurable wall art.
  3. It’s 100% solar-powered, which means there is no wiring, and it costs you nothing to light up your wall.
  4. Its sleek, stylish design and size, at 130mm x 130mm and 65mm deep it’s pleasurable to your eye.
  5. Easily mounts to concrete, brick, and timber surfaces.
  6. Puts out a beautiful warm white 3000K light colour.
  7. You can mount multiple Tiffany solar wall lights on your wall. The light beams create fascinating pieces of light art.

Here’s more:

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • The battery charging time is 3.5-5 hours
  • Working hours 9-10 hours
  • IP54 water-poof rated
Tiffany Solar Wall Light
Solar Light For Garden

Installation Is
Smooth Like A Spreadable Whisky

You’ll love how quick and easy this is to get on your wall or fence.

  1. Simply drill two 6mm diameter holes in your wall or fence 105mm apart
  2. Insert the two wall plugs (Included)
  3. Screw in the two screws (Included)
  4. Then slip Tiffany base over the two screws

As you can see, it’s quick and easy.

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Portable Camping Light

Order your Tiffany Solar Wall-Art Light and get a FREE Mini Portable Light valued at $25.

Don’t let this slip into your pocket; small size fool you. This is a powerful, possible live saving mini light.

This Mini Portable Light Is Probably Stacked With
More Handy-For-You Features Then A Smartphone

Mini Lights

  • 3 light modes: 1. Bright 2. Gee, that is bright 3. Blinding
  • USB LED rechargeable
  • Flashlight (use it to single for help, or party at a rave party)
  • Fits on your keychain with a strong lock hook
  • Light range 25m
  • 500 Lumens (blinding bright)
  • Magnetic (can’t have you changing that flat tyre in the dark)
  • Bottle Opener (maybe the most critical tool)
  • Type-C Charging

Now you can confidently march out into the wilderness or tackle any adventure knowing you have a handy, powerful, pocket-size light. And importantly, opens your beers.

(One Mini Portable Light per order)

Order Your Tiffany Decorative Solar Wall-Art Light Today, Or Forever Live With Bland, Boring, Offensive
To The Eye Chunks Of Wall Or Fence

Mini Lights
Palm Size Light
  • Get the Tiffany Solar Wall Art Light
  • +FREE Bonus Mini Light (Valued at $25)
  • + FREE Shipping (Within Australia)

Lighting up your blank wall or fence is free because Tiffany is solar-powered. Let the sun charge up your light so you enjoy the beautiful light-art of an evening.

Limited Stock Available: There are only 28 Tiffany Solar Wall-Art Lights available.

It’s Easy Place Your Order: Order on this page or call 1300 463 735. If the lines are busy, please leave a message, and I’ll call you back within 23 minutes.


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