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“Chuck Norris can slam revolving doors.” (meme)

If Chuck Norris Was Injected Into Solar Light
This Is The Awesome Light You’d Get


Imagine if Chuck Norris’ scent, chest hair, or sweat was put through some kinda mad science process, evolving into a massive explosion.

Then, that mega-valuable resource from the science explosion, we’ll now call Chuckness, is somehow injected into a solar light, I believe this is what you’d get…

Solar Ranger Garden Light

Solar Ranger

Here’s what this is all about.

The SOLAR RANGER garden light is unlike the “standard” wimpy solar lights you see everywhere.

Want to know why?

Because SOLAR RANGER garden lights are heroic, impressive, and awesome like Chuck Norris.

Like Walker, Texas Ranger upholding the law. I ain’t kidding about the SOLAR RANGER Garden Light and its unbelievable capabilities to light up your world in exciting ways.

Turns Gardens, Tables, Walls, Fences, Walkways,
And Just About Anything You Want To Light
Into Pure Pleasure For Your Eyes

Let me lay it out for you…

Two Colours In ONE Light

Solar Range 7
Solar Range 8

“Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.” (internet meme)

The SOLAR RANGER garden light kills darkness with two colours.

  • You get two different light colours in one light: Warm White and Cool White
  • You choose the light colour you want - Warm White or Cool White, and it’s done.

Mounts Fast To Walls & Fences

Solar Light for Path

“When Chuck Norris turns the light out, he’s in bed before the room is dark.” (meme)

The SOLAR RANGER decorative garden light mounts sonic-fast to walls or flat surfaces. So fast you may not even see it happen.

  • Drill holes, screw the wall mount to the wall, and then push the SOLAR RANGER decorative garden light onto the mount.
  • You can light fences, walls, doorway entries, sides of buildings, and anything you want.

Use It For An Impressive Ground Light

Solar garden Light

“Chuck Norris can tie his shoes with his feet.” (internet meme)

The ground is your canvas:

  • Push the spike into the base of the SOLAR RANGER decorative garden light, then push the light anywhere into the ground you want.
  • You can light garden beds, walkways, plants, pots and more.

And that’s not all…

Use It For A Beautiful Table Light

Solar Light for Table

“Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch. He decides what time it is.” (meme)

I’m serious as a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick when I say you can use this light any way you want. You decide.

With no spike or wall mount, the SOLAR RANGER sits perfectly flat and makes for a stunning table light:

  • Use it outdoors to create an intimate dinner setting for you and your lover.
  • Let the warm white light glow over your table, setting the mood for your romantic evening with your lover.
  • Use it to light restaurant tables.
“Most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes. 
Chuck Norris has 72... and they're all lethal.” (meme)

Here are Even More Ways You’ll Love Using
The SOLAR RANGER Decorative Garden Light

  • If you’re going on a road trip pack the SOLAR RANGER decorative light and take it with you. Beautiful lighting is always handy.
  • Take it on camping trips because it’s light and easy to carry.
  • Take to the park or picnics with your friends. Place The SOLAR RANGER on the table for beautiful lighting, then enjoy your fine wine.
  • Gift a SOLAR RANGER to your friends – that’s right gift them the ultimate light that can be used in multiple ways for beautiful lighting. They’ll be forever grateful.
  • Booking an Airbnb? Take the SOLAR RANGER with you because past experience has taught you, an Airbnb never has everything you need.

This is a sleek, stylish, and attractive light you’ll love.

Like Chuck Norris

  • Power Supply: Solar
  • Working time: 8-11 hours
  • Charge Time 5-6 hours
  • Waterproof: IP65 High Waterproof Rated
  • Lumens: 80
  • Features: Magnetic switch to change colours or turn on and off
  • Battery lasts up to 2-3 days in rainy weather

Comes In Two Formidable Shapes

ROUND: Diameter 15.4cm. Thickness 3.1cm

Solar Ranger 8

SQUARE: 14.2cm across. Thickness 3.1cm

Stylish Solar Garden Lights

SOLAR RANGER Garden Lights Don't Turn On
It Turns The Darkness Off

Chuck Solar Garden Lights

The SOLAR RANGER garden lights aren’t your “standard” solar light. They are heroic and impressive lights.When you get your new SOLAR RANGER garden light and open the box, prepare to be stunned by its beauty.The SOLAR RANGER garden light is like Chuck Norris.Formidable, awesome, and endless capabilities.And what’s more…Being solar-powered that’s the second-best thing for powering your lights. Second to power from a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick.It’s action time.

Garden Light Today

Your SOLAR RANGER garden light…

Isolates boring, bland, and dark areas in your outdoor area and lights them up.

Turns boring table settings into intimate, romantic, and memorable evenings.

It quickly and easily mounts to walls, or you can use the spike and place the light in the ground.

One light – two different colours, you get Warm White and Cool White in one light.

One light – endless ways you can use it and light up your outdoor area and life.

Limited Stock Available:

There are only 20 SOLAR RANGER garden lights currently in stock. Avoid tears and disappointment. Order yours now.

Ordering Your SOLAR RANGER Garden Lights Is Easy:

Place your order at the top of this page or call 1300 463 735. If the lines are busy, please leave a message, and I’ll call you back within 23 minutes.

“Chuck Norris Can Start A Fire With An Ice Cube.” (meme)

Makes The Sun Power It

Get your SOLAR RANGER garden light and get beautiful lighting today.

“The dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.” (meme)


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