How To Use Outdoor Pendant Lighting

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What’s outdoor pendant lighting?

It’s lighting that hangs down low and its purpose built for outdoor conditions. 

When you’ve got stylish LED light bulbs hanging down off a pendant it looks beautiful. 

And the great thing about outdoor pendant lights is… there are so many different ways you can use them to enhance your outdoor entertaining area. 

Let me show you 3 stylish ways right now…

Stylish Pedant Lighting Idea #1

Pendant lights over a dinner table set on an apartment balcony

Hang a pendant light over your outdoor dining table. 

This looks great because the different lengths of the pendants give the outdoor dining area a smart, stylish and unique new look.

Stylish Pedant Lighting Idea #2

Pendant lights hanging by a brick wall

You can use the pendant lights near a brick wall or concrete wall. The stagged pendants turn any dull brink or concrete wall into a night time feature.

Stylish Pedant Lighting Idea #3

Hang the pendant lights in a tree. Trees with lights turn into a beautiful night time feature. The stagged bulbs hanging in the tree showcase the tree of an evening. 

Those are just three ways you can use outdoor pendant lights, there’s plenty of other ways. 

Our outdoor pendant lights are 24V Low Voltage which means they are safe when hanging down low and you don’t need an electrician to install them. It’s completely DIY. 

Go here and take a look:

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