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You're in the right place if you’re looking for beautiful decorative lighting for your outdoor area. That’s because…

I’ll take you through how to choose festoon lighting for your place in Sydney because you'll get the lighting effect you’re after with the right festoon lights. And more, I'll show you an easy installation process and much more.

What’s The Most Important Thing I Need To Know About Festoon Lights Before I Make Any Purchase?

To create a beautiful outdoor area on an evening, the colour of the light produced and the brightness of the light has a significant impact on how your area looks and feels. The light brightness is the difference between decorative lighting and feeling like you're caught in spotlights.

If the globe is too bright and the light colour is sterile and unwelcoming, you won’t get a beautiful ambient outdoor entertaining area.

You’re looking for bulbs that are 2200k warm white because they produce a beautiful ambient glow. And you want a bulb for your festoon lights under 300lms and make sure it’s dimmable.

What are lumens?

Light brightness is measured in lumens, not watts. The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb is. If you get a high-lumen bulb that’s not dimmable, your area looks like a football field lit up.

Festoon Lighting in Sydney FAQs

Can I dim the festoon lights?

It depends on who you purchase your festoon lights from in Sydney. All of the LED bulbs we stock are dimmable.

Festoon lighting is mood lighting; festoon lighting isn’t about super-bright light. Think of soft ambient decorative lighting.

Dimmable LED bulbs are best because you can control the light brightness you want in your area.

I’ll say this once more because so many get this part wrong. If it's too bright, you're not creating an ambient mood. And get dimmable bulbs; otherwise, you’ll regret it.

Can you join festoon lights together?

Yes, our festoon lighting is made with water-proof joiners built into the cables, so you can keep joining lengths together. You simply push together and do up the thread for a waterproof seal.

What distance can you run the festoon lights?

  • With the 240V festoon lights, customers run over 100m of lights in one run.
  • With our 24V low voltage festoon lights, we have customers running over 100m.

If you have a big area to cover, give us a call and we'll help you plan your lighting layout.

Can you leave festoon lights out permanently in Sydney weather?

Yes, you leave your festoon lights out; however, it depends on the quality and how they are made.

If you want to leave your festoon lights out permanently and they will be exposed to full Sydney weather, get the highest water-proof rated lights you can. IP67 is a high water-proof rating.

Some areas in Sydney cop some big storms. If your area is one of them, you're probably best off with 24v low voltage festoon lights with shatter-proof LED bulbs.

Are festoon lights waterproof?

Yes, they are. When you’re looking at water-proof-rated festoon lights you’re looking for their IP Rating. The higher the IP rating, the higher the water-proof rating the product has.

Our 240V festoon lights are IP44 and our 24V low-voltage system is IP67. Both IP44 and IP67 can be left in full weather permanently.

What voltage festoon lights can you get?

We have two types of festoon lighting systems 240V and 24V low voltage. The difference between the two systems is the voltage. And glass 240V LED bulbs v 24V Shatter-Proof LED Bulbs.

How do you hang festoon lights for the best decorative lighting effect?

If you’re going to leave your festoon lights up permanently, it’s advised to attach your lights to a support cable.


Because instead of your lights only being supported in a couple of spots, you now have many support points. And this looks neat.

For spans over 4 meters, you are best off with a support wire.

We have festoon hanging kits with all the necessary parts so you can quickly and easily hang your lights.

For detailed steps on how to hang your lights, check out this short video.

What size bulbs should I get?

Bulb choice is personal, do you like the look of a smaller bulb or do you like the bigger bulbs with the beautiful filaments?

We have 3 different size bulbs for our Festoon lights. G45 A60 and ST64. You can get these in glass or shatter-proof PVC.

Where can festoon lights be used?

Our customers use them in the backyard, shops, pubs, clubs, main streets, trees, and in many other commercial and residential environments.

If you're looking at these for a wedding here in Sydney, they are we have plenty of customers who've used our lighting for their special day and loved it.

How long do festoon lights last in Sydney?

You should get years and years and years of beautiful lighting when you invest in the right decorative lighting for your place.

We've been in the lighting business for over 8 years, over that time we've developed our products and manufactured them from premium parts and components. Our festoon lights, and fairy lights, are all premium products designed for outdoor use.

Should You Get Glass Or Shatter-Proof PVC Bulbs For Your Place In Sydney NSW?

Many of our commercial customers get the 24V system with the Shatter-Proof PVC bulbs because they like the safety of the low voltage, and the fact bulbs can’t break.

If the area you want to light is covered and you’re not concerned with bulbs ever breaking, then the 240V system with glass bulbs is great.

The differences between the 240V system and the 24V low voltage system are the voltage, and the bulbs. Glass vs Shatter-Proof PVC.

Should You Get Commercial Grade Or Standard Festoon Lighting?

Both our 240V and 24V low voltage festoon lighting is of premium commercial-grade quality. We don’t have different grades of lighting.

Other companies offer a standard system below commercial-grade quality. We see no point in making a standard product that is inferior to our commercial-grade quality.

Our residential, and commercial customers and companies that have events all love the high-quality, durable and long-lasting commercial-grade festoon lighting.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Purchasing Festoon Lights

Kid Facepalming

Get Globes That Can’t Dim

I can’t say exactly how bright or dull you need your lights in your outdoor area. That’s why all our bulbs are dimmable.

Turn up, turn down, and you choose the perfect amount of light.

Having Ugly Bulbs

Ugly bulbs devalue the appeal of your lighting. People love looking at beautiful bulbs.

Wrong Colour Light Aesthetic

If your outdoor area has similar light colour to an operating room, you got it wrong.

Warm white 2200K gives your outdoor area a beautiful ambient glow which creates an inviting, calming feel.

Buying Cheap Lights, Then Looking To Get All The Parts you Need Elsewhere

If you can’t get all the parts you need from one place like extension cables, parts to hang your lights, and other bits to make your job easy. Buy off someone who knows the products inside out and can help you with everything.

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And our fairy lighting range goes great with our festoon lights. You can wrap a fairy light around a tree for extra effect.

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