Number #1 Design Mistake People Make When Laying Out Deck Lights

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Over the past 7 years I’ve helped hundreds of customers with their deck lighting plans. 

They send me their plans and I work out the best lighting solution for their deck. 

And for many of these customers they are lucky the spoke to me before they started drilling holes into their deck boards. 

Here’s why…

The number #1 mistake many were about to make is putting the lights too close together. With deck lighting, less is more. 

Deck lights are about adding ambience and soft light to the area. 

The last thing you want is your deck looking like a runway strip for planes. Or looking clustered. And that’s exactly what it looks like if you place the deck lights too close together.

What spacing should you 
space your deck lights?

Depending on if you have post or glass of whatever… I advise customers 1.2m to 1.6m works best. 

1m or less and it looks very clustered and overbearing.

The secret to lighting 
outdoor areas is this…

When you’re lighting outdoor areas that you’re going spend time in sitting and relaxing… it’s about soft ambient light, because that type of light is relaxing and looks beautiful.

The last thing you want is in-your-face lighting. 

If you need any help lighting your deck get in touch with me.

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