Vivid and How You Can Create
A Beautiful Night-Time Garden
Using Garden Spike Lights

Recently I checked out Vivid in Sydney. What’s Vivid?

Vivid is an event held once a year in Sydney where lights transform the city of Sydney into a beautiful after dark spectacular.

The Opera House and the city buildings are turned into giant screens for light shows.

Like this…

In The Botanical Gardens they had incredible displays and sculptures. Massive trees are lit up with lights.

Like this…

Vivid is well worth seeing, and walking around Sydney it’s hard not to notice how light changes everything.

On a slightly smaller scale then Vivid, you can transform your own garden and outdoor entertaining area with Garden Spike lights.

Spike lights directed on a tree, sculptures, wall art or a wall looks beautiful. There are lots of ways you can use them to light your garden.

Lights add to the beauty of your garden and also add extra security for you.

For Garden Spike lights that are easy to install head here.