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The Best Type Of Festoon Lighting For Commercial Environments

What’s the best type of Festoon Lighting for a commercial environment?

24V low voltage. 


Because 24V low voltage is safer than 240V. You can wrap 24V Festoon lighting around trees. Legal you can’t do that with 240volt lighting. 

In public spaces 24V is a safe option. 

With our 24V Festoon Lighting range all the LED Bulbs are made from a tough PVC plastic which means they are shatter-proof. 

See for yourself in this quick video.

Because we use thick commercial grade cable with our Festoons you can run up to 160m of lighting in the one run. 

You can also dim our 24V systems. 

If you need Festoon lighting for a commercial job get in touch with me and I’ll help you work out exactly what you need to do the job. 

For 24V Festoon lighting, Fusion Lighting is here.

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