There’s just so many fun ways you can use it…

Outdoor Pendant Lighting
Fun, Sleek, Stylish and Easy Install

Most outdoor lighting is boring, bland and one dimensional… this isn’t.

And there’s so many different ways you can use it.

Designed by me (Ben) and exclusively available only at Fusion Lighting this 24V Outdoor Pendant Light gives your outdoor entertaining area a unique, stylish and exciting new look…

Because it’s 24-Volt low voltage lighting you don’t need a pay an electrician to install it.

Gives Your Outdoor Entertaining Area
A Stunning New Look…

Lighting Above Your Outdoor Table

Want beautiful new feature lighting above your outdoor table? Just attach this light to a point above your table, and you’ve got yourself stylish lighting.


People Will Stare

Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Van Gogh self-portrait… all very expensive paintings. You don’t need to spend big money like that on a feature piece. Just install this stunning pendant light.


Makes A Beautiful Back Drop

Find a spot in your outdoor entertaining area and hang it. The stagged drops and the beautiful filaments in the bulbs instantly creates an eye-catching back drop.


Hang From A Tree

A tree with lighting looks impressive. Turn trees in your backyard into a beautiful night-time feature. Because it’s low voltage lighting, it’s safe.


Beautiful Ambient Light

A tree with lighting looks impressive. Turn trees in your backyard into a beautiful night-time feature. Because it’s low voltage lighting, it’s safe.


Perfect For Timber Features

Timber on its own can be… well… a little boring. Dress it up with some lighting and you’ll get an edgy new look.


Instantly Draws Ones Eye

Because it hangs down, looks beautiful and isn’t boring… it instantly draws attention and compliments. It’s a real head-turner.


Safe Hanging Down Low

Because it’s 24V low voltage lighting it’s safe to hang down low. You can brush past it, even touch it and you’re safe.


Water Proof Rated

You can leave it outside permanently because it’s IP44 Water Proof Rated.


UV Resistant Cable

The sun is hot and damaging in Australia so this cable is made UV Resistant.



Turn up the music and turn down the lights. You can get the perfect amount of light you want at your place because this is dimmable.


Impressive Lighting

This is an easy, fun and nifty way to add even more character and style to your outdoor entertaining area… without spending Mona Lisa money. Just choose the spot you want it, then hang.


Gives Your Outdoor Entertaining Area
A Charming New Look

Get your Outdoor Pendant Light today choose from 3 different Models:


Different Dropper Lengths You Can Choose:

You choose from 5 different dropper lengths to go into your 3.5m light cable.

  • 50cm
  • 80cm
  • 1m
  • 1.2m
  • 1.4m
  • 1.6m
  • 1.8m


About The Pendant Light
Main Power Cable:

There are 5 x E27 sockets spaced 30cm apart over 1.5m’s. Then there is 2m power cord that joins into the transformer. Total length 3.5m.

You can join Pendant cables together for longer runs.


You can bunch the sockets up, so the bulbs hang even closer together.

If you need more cable to reach your power point where the transformer is, just get the 5m Extension cables.

Got any questions or need any help? Get in touch with me.

Special Introductory Offer

Right now, you can get this beautiful outdoor pendant light for a special introductory price. After the introductory special the price will go up.

Grab your stunning new pendant light now.

I can’t wait to see how your outdoor pendant light looks at your place.

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