Fusion Lighting Garden Lights

Makes Gardens and Outdoor Entertaining
Areas Beautiful Of An Evening

Finally, a sleek stylish robust garden light
that’s easy to install

If you want to make your outdoor entertaining area look beautiful of an evening, then you’re in the right place. That’s because…

These easy-to-install garden lights, turns any dark and dull outdoor area into a stunning, relaxing and enjoyable haven for you.

And because these garden lights are 12V low voltage, you don’t need to pay an expensive electrician to install them.

Fast and easy to install garden lighting you can enjoy right now.

What Makes Fusion Lighting
Garden Lights So Good?

The secret lays in the easy-join-cables and leading-edge, high performance LED’s.

You get a beautiful lit garden and outdoor entertaining area you absolutely love, from a robust garden light that’s made to last and easy to install.

  • Easy-Join System

    Unlike other garden lights, you don’t have to cut and wire lights. That’s time consuming, joins may get wet or worse, spark. With Fusion Garden lights you push the easy-join cables together, then do up the thread for a water-proof seal.
  • 2-In-1 Garden Light

    These garden lights are highly versatile. You can put the spike into the ground and use the garden light to shine beautiful light onto your garden, shrubs or trees.

    Or you can…

  • Light Walls and Fences

    Turn bland chunks of wall or fence into beautiful features. Simply unscrew the spike part, and attach the light base to a brick wall, concrete wall, or wooden fence and give your outdoor area a beautiful new look.

  • High Quality Made-To-Last

    The die cast aluminium outer is made to withstand the harsh elements and the thick glass face protects the LED’s which are premium quality,leading-edge, high performance LED’s.

  • Beautiful Ambient Light

    Place the lights where you want them for best lighting affect for your place. The beautiful warm white light makes your outdoor area stunning of an evening.

  • IP67 Water-Proof Rated

    The lights can get hosed, rained on, whatever… it doesn’t matter because they are high IP67 Water-Proof Rated.

  • 3 Year Warranty

    These high-quality lights come with a 3 Year warranty. We use the best materials and technology available so you get peace of mind.

  • Sleek Stylish Design

    The sleek stylish design with the black colour blends in with the surroundings, which means your place looks tidy, smart and stylish.

  • 12V Low Voltage

    These lights are 12V low voltage, easy to install and safe in your outdoor area. No electrician required.

  • Beautifies Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

    If you’re like 99% of our customers you’ll be thrilled with how beautiful your outdoor area looks of an evening with these garden lights on.

    Great lighting makes significant difference to your garden and outdoor entertaining area.

Choose From 2 Different Stylish
Garden Light Models

3Watt Garden Light

Material:Die Cast Aluminium

Colour: Black

Dimension: H 240mm W 40mm(Face of Light)

Light Source: 12VDC 3Watt LED Warm White

Lumens: 270 (Light brightness)

Water-Proof Rated: IP67 Very high water-proof rated

Mounting Type: Ground and Wall

Each Light Comes With: 1m tail attached to light, T-Joiner (You need to purchase transformer and extension cables)

7Watt Garden Light

Material:Die Cast Aluminium

Colour: Black

Dimension: H265mm W 74mm(Face of light)

Light Source: 12VDC 7Watt LED Warm White

Lumens: 630 (Light brightness)

Water-Proof Rated: IP67 Very high water-proof rated

Mounting Type: Ground and Wall

Each Light Comes With: 1m tail attached to light, T-Joiner (You need to purchase transformer and extension cables)

How To Light Your Garden And
Outdoor Area In 3 Easy Steps

Work Out Where You Want To Place Your Lights

Measure how far it is from the power point to your first light.

Work out how many lights you want in your garden area.

Each light has a 1m tail, we have extension cables that join together to cover the distances you need.

Choose Your Garden Lights

Choose how many lights you’llwant in your garden area, and which model light you want.

Get Your Transformer and Extension Cables

You’ve worked out where you want your lights and what model you want. Now get the extension cable you need to cover the distances. The Easy-Join Cables makes it easy for you to join cables together.

Need Expert Help and Advice
With Your Lighting Plan?

If you want some help working out what you need, or advice on lighting layout and design, give me a call, or send an email with your plan and I’ll help you out.

Now You Can Create Your Own
Beautiful Outdoor Entertaining Area…

When you’ve got the right lighting it’s easy to do

We guarantee you’ll love your newly lit outdoor entertaining area and be thrilled with the look and feel of the beautiful ambient lighting.

Place your order now on this page, or call 1300 463 735 if the lines are busy please try again.

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