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Fireworks Light Bulbs

Fireworks LED Bulbs
FREE Shipping Australia Wide

  • Makes your outdoor entertaining area stunning
  • 100% DIY… No Sparky Needed
  • Choose from 2 different styles of Fireworks Bulbs lengths 10m and 20m.
  • Choose 1, 2 Watt or 3 Watt LED Fireworks Bulbs
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide

Choose Your Fireworks Bulb Light Kit Immediately Below Here With The Drop Down Bar


Public Scrambles To Snatch Up Great Deals On Stunning Fireworks Light Bulbs…

Impressive Vintage Style LED Lighting
Adds Instant Charm & Character
To Your Room

These Firework Light Bulbs are like artwork… they instantly draw attention, and are sure to impress.

With a stem going up the middle of the bulb, and tiny little LED heads coming off it. This gives the bulb a unique, stylish, eye-catching look.

Turned on they add charm and appeal to your room. Even off, these bulbs look beautiful.

These are E27 (screw in) Edison LED Globes.

If you want a light bulb that looks unique, stylish and puts out beautiful light, these Fireworks Light Bulbs do that.

Choose From 3 Different Styles Of Bulbs…

1-watt Fireworks LED Bulbs

2-watt Fireworks LED Bulbs

3-watt Fireworks LED Bulbs


  • Light brightness is measured in Lumens in LED lights 1-Watt equals 100lms.
  • Voltage input 240V
  • These bulbs are non dimmable
  • 2200k Warm White which is a beautiful glow.
  • E27 Screw in bass
  • Bulbs made from glass
  • Super energy efficient lighting

These globes are approved for the Australian market.

It’s easy to order just head back up to the top of the page and place your order.

If you’ve got any questions, dial 1300 463 735

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