5 Crazy Things You Could Do Under Festoon Lighting

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WARNING: These are things you could do under Festoon Lighting… and I’m not saying I endorse any of them or that I have done anyone of them. It’s a list that is crazy. Adult supervision is advised.

#1 Propose To Someone

This one is crazy because potentially you would then spend a large chunk of your life with this one person. People aren’t always easy to love with. Think carefully before popping this question.

#2 Sit Naked In -4 Temperatures

-4 just sounds crazy but I tell you… I’ve just finished reading a book called: “What Doesn’t Kill Us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength. 

The cold is good for us.

#3 Make Love To Someone

It’s a warm summers night, you dim the festoon lights because you got your lights off me, and instantly the mood changes. You’re alone with your special one. Why not…

#4 Workout

Most people live in doors, work indoors, eat indoors, workout indoors or don’t workout and that’s why this one is crazy. 

Turn on your festoon lights and now you can workout outdoors in nature. You’ll notice your body begins to feel good and so does your mind. Now you’re thinking number #3 sounds good.

#5 Party Till The Sun Comes Up

When was the last time you partied till the sun came up? Get a little crazy now you’ve got Festoon lights you can party all night long. 

These are 5 things you can do under festoon lighting. They might be crazy to some and very tame to others. 


You got ideas? Send them to me and I’ll make another list.

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